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Borehole Drilling in Kenya

Admin - August 18, 2022 - 24 comments

Get the best Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Borehole Drilling Company in Kenya
Water well drilling in Kitale (Maili Nne)

Borehole Drilling in Kenya is carried out to satisfy the ever growing demand for water, mainly for domestic use, irrigation, industrial and livestock needs. Borehole drilling in Kenya is mainly done efficiently using latest state of the art borehole drilling machines (known commercially as borehole drilling rigs). Manual borehole drilling is is also done using human energy. Currently, Grekkon Limited is one of the largest borehole drilling companies in Kenya with years of experience in drilling and equipping.

Over the years, Grekkon Limited has proven to be one of the best borehole drilling companies in Kenya and the entire East Africa. Being one of the leading well drilling companies in Kenya, we always strive to give our clients the best and prompt services. Our borehole drilling services in Kenya are top notch, always meeting customer needs.

Cost of Drilling Borehole in Kenya (Per meter per County)

CountyCost (Min)Cost (Max)
NairobiKES 6,500KES 9,500
KajiadoKES 6,500KES 9,500
MachakosKES 6,600KES 9,500
KituiKES 6,800KES 9,500
MakueniKES 6,700KES 9,500
KiambuKES 6,500KES 9,500
NakuruKES 6,800KES 9,500
KisumuKES 7,500KES 9,500
TurkanaKES 8,000KES 9,500
BungomaKES 6,900KES 9,500
BusiaKES 7,700KES 9,500
NarokKES 6,800KES 9,500
MombasaKES 7,500KES 9,500
KilifiKES 7,500KES 9,500
KwaleKES 7,600KES 9,500
BaringoKES 6,900KES 9,500
SiayaKES 7,600KES 9,500
HomabayKES 7,600KES 9,500
Uasin GishuKES 6,900KES 9,500
Note this is cost for air drilling in Kenya

Loose soils are generally more costly than rocky soils. This is technically referred to as wet and dry drilling respectively. All our drilling covers actual drilling, casing, test pumping and water analysis.

Borehole drilling in Kenya
Borehole drilling in Kisumu by Grekkon Limited

Requirements for drilling a borehole in Kenya

In order to drill a borehole in Kenya, the following is required:

1. Hydrogeological survey

This is done to determine the underground water potential. A hydrogeology survey report will give an estimate of the drilling depth, site location and the nature of rock and soil formation which will assist in determining casing materials and the cost of drilling. This survey must be done with an independent, qualified and registered hydrogeologist.

2. WRA (Water Resource Management Authority) Permit.

They issue borehole drilling license and authorize drilling once the hydrogeologist report is ready. For you to be licensed by the WRMA, an application needs to be done online or physically visit their offices located across the country. WRA gives authorization licenses which is a green light to drill a borehole. They then issue a water permit that gives you permission to access the water resources as much as you want.

3. NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) Permit

This assesses the effect of drilling on the environment. The report gives both positive and negative impacts on the environment incase drilling is done. If the project will not have negative impacts that may be hazardous to the environment, then a green light permit is given by them

Once all the above are met, drilling will proceed.

Borehole drilling rig at work
Borehole drilling rig at work

Borehole Drilling Procedure in Kenya

1. Hydrogeological survey

This is to establish the soil formation, depth and location of where the actual drilling will be done. It also assists in getting the required government approvals such as NEMA and WARMA certificates.

2. Actual Drilling

Actual drilling involves machine (drilling rig) mobilization and drilling. Drilling begins from above ground upto the recommended depth by the hydrogeologist. During drilling, casing is also done using steel or plastic casings. Borehole casing helps in preventing the borehole from collapsing and prevents impurities from contaminating the borehole water.

3. Test Pumping

Once drilling is complete, test pumping is done to determine the borehole yield or capacity in m3 per hour (m3/hr) This is done by continuously pumping water out of the borehole for 24 hours. Test pumping also helps in selecting the right pump for the borehole.

Watch video of entire borehole drilling procedure

4. Water Chemical Analysis.

This is done to determine the suitability of the borehole water for drinking, irrigation or any other use. Some boreholes produce pure neutral water while others may produce salty water which may require treatment before use.

5. Borehole Equipping.

This entails installation of pumps in the borehole. Electric submersible, solar submersible or diesel pumps may be installed depending on expert advise. Pipes immersed into the borehole may be uPVC pipes or HDPE pipes, depending on the depth.

6. Auxiliary Services

Includes optional extra services such as installation of pipes, plumbing, irrigation, tank tower construction, tank installation etc. There is a separate quotation for these services.

Borehole drilling timelines

ActivityAppox No of Days
Hydrogeological survey & report writing7 days
WRMA/NEMA Permits15-30 days
Actual Drilling4-7 days
Equipping (Pump Installation)1-2 days
Time taken to drill a borehole in Kenya

Applications and uses of borehole water in Kenya.

Drilled water has several uses including:

Free borehole drilling in Kenya

Free borehole drilling in Kenya is done by local and national governments to communities. In this type of arrangement, the government pays service providers who then carry out the drilling. Grekkon Limited is a powerhouse and offers cheap borehole drilling in Kenya.

Borehole Drilling FAQ

What is the average depth of a borehole in Kenya

The average depth of a borehole in Kenya is 100m-300m depending on the location.

What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Makueni?

It ranges between Kes. 6,500 to Kes. 8,000 per m

What are borehole casing prices in Kenya

They range between Kes. 4,000 to Kes. 7,000 per pc (4m long)

What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Kajiado?

It ranges between Kes. 7,000 to Kes. 8,500 per m

Is there Free borehole drilling in Kenya

This is usually done by local and national governments.

What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Kisumu?

Between Kes. 7,000 to Kes. 8,500 per m

What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Kitale?

Between Kes. 6,500 to Kes. 8,500 per m

What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Nyeri?

Between Kes. 6,000 to Kes. 8,500 per m

What is the best borehole drilling company in Nairobi, Kenya?

Grekkon Limited

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  3. Nicholas

    I would like to drill a borehole in Eldoret, how much does it cost?

  4. Joseph

    All the information about the drilling is clear,
    Can I get my own summary for drilling in Malindi and Kilifi

  5. Michael Kanogu

    What is the cost of drilling a borehole in Nyandarua county?

  6. Ondego Norman

    Kindly what is the approximate quote for drilling a borehole around Muhoroni in Kisumu county.

    • Admin

      Hello Ondego and thank you for contacting Grekkon Limited. The cost of drilling a borehole in Muhoroni, Kisumu starts from Kes. 6,500 per m. However for a detailed quotation, please share your hydrogeological survey report with us on If you dont have the report yet, we will be glad to help you in surveying the land.
      Customer Service

  7. Stephen

    do you do hydrological survey services within Kajiado? and what would be the cost kindly share on email

  8. Leenie

    What is the range of charges for drilling boreholes in Nyandarua specifically Ol Kalau?

    • Admin

      Hello Leenie, the cost of drilling a borehole in Nyandarua starts from Kes. 6,700 per m. Please share your hydrogeological survey report for a detailed quotation.

  9. Onesmus Munyao

    I’m in Kitui County, Ikutha Sub-County, I would like to drill water, pls advice me accordingly.

    • Admin

      Hello Onesmus and thanks for contacting us. For you to drill a borehole, you first need to do a hydrogeological survey, after which drilling is done. The drilling cost will depend on the recommended depth. Do you already have a hydrogeological report?

  10. Meshack James

    Hi , how many meters do I need to drill in order to get 3.7million liters per year

    • Admin

      Hello Meshack, for you to determine the actual borehole capacity, you need to carry out a hydrogeological survey. This will give you the depth and approximate capacity. Actual capacity will be done once actual drilling is done.
      Grekkon Team

  11. James Mwangi

    I can only see the cost of sinking the hole but nothing on geo survey report, casing, pump, etc. Give an actual sample cost say, Laikipia Central, Naro Moru area, Solio. The average total cost. I know most boreholes in this area are average of 120m

    • Admin

      Hello, before drilling, a hydrogeological survey is conducted which is done by independent hydrogeologists. The cost of pump installation will depend on borehole yield once drilling is done. This will also depend on whether it is solar or electric pump.
      Customer Care

  12. Charles Leshore

    I want a quatation for suervy and drilling a borehole in Rombo in Loitoktok .

  13. liz

    good morning, i certain company did a survey for me for the water drilling in kilifi and found out that water is 200ft. they started doing the work but unfortunately they did not finish the job,because the company had hired the machine. is it possible for u to continue where they started, they did some casing. what will you advise me. my farm is in mavueni.

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