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Greenhouse construction in Kenya

Admin - May 17, 2020 - 4 comments


Greenhouse construction in Kenya involves the construction of wooden greenhouses and metallic greenhouses for the purpose for crop production. It is a very lucrative venture with very high income returns for the farmer. Greenhouse construction in Kenya requires top notch skills . Grekkon Limited is a greenhouse construction company in Kenya that carries out professional greenhouse construction.

Greenhouse materials in Kenya

Wooden greenhouses are mainly constructed using poles that can be bought or provided by the farmer. The poles have to be treated first with a wood preservative or oil before being utilized. Other wooden greenhouse materials include nails, insect net, barbed wire for trellising, cement and sand. Other greenhouse materials include UV treated greenhouse polythene cover and drip irrigation system.

On the other hand, metallic greenhouses may be constructed using pure galvanized steel or coated to prevent the metal from rusting.

The greenhouse has to be well ventilated to prevent suffocation of the crops. Ventilation also ensures there is no buildup of pests and diseases. This is done by erecting side curtains or roll up which is opened during the day when it’s hot and closed in the evening. It is made in such a way that there is a net on the inside to allow air in while at the same time preventing insect pests from getting inside.


Crops that can be grown in a greenhouse

Greenhouse Construction Cost in Kenya
8m x 15m KES 200,000 KES 120,000
8m x 20m KES 235,000 KES 130,000
8m x 24m KES 255,000 KES 140,000
8m x 30m KES 300,000 KES 170,000
16m x 30m KES 550,000 KES 320,000
Greenhouse prices

The above cost covers:

  • Structure
  • Drip Irrigation system
  • Entry pouch for disinfection
  • Sand, cement and ballast
  • Nails (incase of wooden greenhouse)
  • Insect netting for insect pest control and ventilation
  • 200 microns greenhouse polythene cover

The quotation does not cover land preparation, bed making, material transportation.

Grekkon Limited’s greenhouses are made to maximize your yield and increase your returns.

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya


Wooden greenhouse in Eldoret constructed by Grekkon technical team

Metallic greenhouse in Joska, Kenya constructed by Grekkon Limited

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