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Greenhouse Construction in Kenya

Admin - July 30, 2023 - 16 comments

Best Greenhouses in Kenya

metallic greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouse construction in Kenya involves the construction of both wooden greenhouses and metallic greenhouses for the purpose of crop production. It is a very lucrative venture with very high income returns for farmers if embraced. Greenhouse construction in Kenya requires top notch skills . Grekkon Limited is a one of largest and most trusted greenhouse construction company in Kenya that carries out professional greenhouse construction. Greenhouse tomato farming is carried out in almost all parts of the country.

Steel Greenhouses by Grekkon Limited

Steel Greenhouses in Kenya constructed by Grekkon Limited

Ideal crops for greenhouse farming.


Tomato is by far the main crop that can be grown in a greenhouse. It accounts for over 80% of all crops grown in greenhouses by small holder farmers. Once planted, first harvest is expected after 75 to 90 days and will continue for the next 6 months on good management.


The main varieties are the coloured ones which fetch very good incomes. Yellow, red and orange capsicums are the most common and account for about 10% of small holder greenhouse farmers.


These are grown for the specialty market.


This includes Asian line of specialty crops such as basil, duthi and karella. 

Cut flowers.

Mainly grown for export market, they include roses, carnations etc. This is done by large scale farmers in Naivasha, Nakuru, Timau and Kajiado.

Greenhouse types

Steel Greenhouses

These are made of galvanized or non galvanized steel. The greenhouse maybe vented or tunnel type depending on the area. All Grekkon greenhouses are raised high to allow for proper crop ventilation.

Wooden greenhouses.

They are constructed using poles and other locally available materials.

Greenhouse construction materials

Greenhouse Type Construction Materials
Steel Greenhouses Steel, profiles, screws, greenhouse polythene sheet, nets, drip lines
Wooden Greenhouses Poles, greenhouse polythene sheet, insect net, drip lines, hdpe pipe


A tunnel type greenhouse

A tunnel type greenhouse


The greenhouse has to be well ventilated to prevent suffocation of the crops. Ventilation also ensures there is no buildup of pests and diseases. This is done by erecting side curtains or roll up which is opened during the day when it’s hot and closed in the evening. It is made in such a way that there is a net on the inside to allow air in while at the same time preventing insect pests from getting inside.


wooden greenhouses

A wooden greenhouse by Grekkon Limited

Crops that can be grown in a greenhouse

Greenhouse Construction Cost in Kenya

The price of greenhouses between Kes. 140,000 to Kes. 290,000 for wooden greenhouses and Kes. 150,000 to Kes. 320,000 for Metallic greenhouses.

8m x 15m KES 290,000 KES 140,000
8m x 20m KES 300,000 KES 150,000
8m x 24m KES 320,000 KES 170,000
8m x 30m KES 460,000 KES 200,000
16m x 30m KES 670,000 KES 390,000
Table of Greenhouse prices in Kenya
Greenhouse construction cost in Kenya

Gutter connected metal greenhouse

Components of Greenhouse Kit

  • Structure. Includes steel, profile and wires, tapping screws plus all fittings and accessories.
  • Drip Irrigation kit with components such as water filter, hdpe pipes & fittings, double emitter Grekkon drip, all fittings and accessories.
  • Entry pouch for disinfection. The entry pouch has a foot bath for disinfecting the foot and hand washing tap.
  • Sand, cement and ballast: For holding the steel firmly onto the ground.
  • Nails (incase of wooden greenhouse)
  • Insect netting for insect pest control and ventilation
  • 200 microns UV treated greenhouse polythene cover (1,000 gauge)
  • A gutter system for greenhouses joined together (16m width greenhouses)
  • An optional venturi fertigation system for automatic fertilizer application.

Client to:

  • Provide Water storage tank. 
  • Provide Tank stand,
  • Do land preparation including bed making and levelling before or during construction.
  • Provide material transportation to site
  • Provide seedlings and other inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals.

Preparations before transplanting:

  • Seed Sowing. Tomato seeds are first sown in a nursery before transplanting them in the greenhouse. The best way to sow seeds is on seedling trays using soilless media such as coco peat. Seedling trays and coco peat are the most preferred method because they guarantee 100% germination rate compared to sowing in the soil. Male sure the coco peat is well treated before use. The germination should preferably be covered under a shade net.
  • Land preparation: Plough the land to a fine tilth then prepare the beds measuring 90cm with a path of 0.4m. Raise the beds 15cm high to allow for easier drainage incase of excess water. Raised beds also help with good root penetration. Prepare a maximum of 6 beds for a greenhouse with 8m width to avoid over crowding.
  • Add well decomposed manure on the beds then mix with a rake, removing all the big stones and sharp objects that may injure the roots

Transplanting greenhouse tomato seedlings

  • After 28 days, the seedlings are ready for transplanting. Open your drip lines 2 hours before transplanting to add moisture onto the soil.
  • Add High phosphorous basal fertilizer at a rate of 10gms per plant.
  • Transplant at a spacing of 40cm from 1 row to the other and 40-45cm from one plant to the other. 8m x 15m greenhouse can accommodate 500-600 plants while 8m x 30m greenhouse can accommodate 1,000-1,200 plants depending on the spacing selected. 
  • Consult your agronomist for a detailed crop management programme.


Grekkon Limited’s greenhouses are made to maximize your yield and increase your returns.

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya


Wooden greenhouse in Eldoret constructed by Grekkon technical team

Metallic greenhouse in Joska, Kenya constructed by Grekkon Limited

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  1. John Nderi

    Am interested in greenhouse farming. Please give me a quote for a 24 ×50M greenhouse.

  2. wambui munene

    what if the land you want to set up the green house is not fertile?

    • Admin

      Hello Wambui, we have a team of agronomists that will advise you on ways of increasing your soil fertility. Please share your number for follow up
      Customer Care.

  3. Zed Ongoma

    Hi, Would the cost of the 8m x 15m green house vary, if I just needed the structure alone without the piping and all?

    • Admin

      Hi Zed, yes your greenhouse price will reduce marginally after the removal of irrigation piping system. Could you please share your number for follow up?
      Customer Care

  4. Ibiiri M Joseph

    I am in Meru and keen on greenhouse farming. Do you offer a package that includes the greenhouse seeds and other inputs to see one through at least the first crop ? Kindly provide details.

    • Admin

      Hello Joseph and thanks for contacting us. Yes we have various greenhouse kits that include agri inputs supply. What greenhouse type (metallic or wooden) and size are you interested in?

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