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Natural Solar Dryers

Admin - August 27, 2020 - 2 comments

Natural Solar dryers in Kenya are technologies that use the power of the sun to dry produce during periods of plenty for later use. Natural Solar dryers in Kenya are used to dry vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, potatoes and meat. They are environmentally safe, use less energy and dry produce much faster.  The drying technology, if embraced, will go a long way in curbing food shortages in Africa

Solar dryer constructed in Homa bay by Grekkon Limited


How commercial solar dryers work

Vegetable drying machines in Kenya work by heating the produce directly or indirectly. In direct drying, the sun heats the produce directly while in indirect drying, a black surface is heated which then transfers hot air that heats the produce.

Advantages of solar dryers in Kenya

  1. They dry fruits and vegetables very fast compared to drying in the open. For instance, if it takes 7 days in the open, It will take you 1-2 days with a dryer.
  2. There is less risk of spoilage because the drying process is very fast.
  3. Solar dried fruits are also good for health
  4. Food is protected from contamination.
  5. Solar dried fruits, vegetables and meat are very appetizing.

Types of Commercial Solar Dryers in Kenya

solar dryers for agricultural products can be metallic or wooden. Metallic solar dryers are the most common in Kenya. They are made of galvanized steel which are made to last long. The cover is made of clear UV treated greenhouse polythene sheet 200 microns in thickness. It has shelves for drying the fruits, meat, fish and vegetables. The shelves can have different levels depending on the quantity to be dried.

Metallic solar dryer covered with UV treated sheet
Wooden solar dryer

The floor is made of a black covering to absorb much heat. It has also been designed in such a way that there is air flowing in, while much heat is retained.

Wooden solar dryers are made of wood. Other materials used for its construction are black UV treated dam liner, timber, nails, white side netting.

Before drying, fruits and vegetables have to be chopped into small pieces to increase the surface area for drying.

Different sizes have different capacities. You can have dryers drying from small quantities to tonnes of produce. The choice will depend on what is being dried or the demand.

Solar Dryer Prices in Kenya

The cost of solar dryers will depend on the size and material used. Below are the various sizes and cost of commercial dryers in Kenya.

Solar Dryer Size Drying Capacity Price of Solar Dryer
1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m 40-50kgs KES 60,000
2m x 2m x 2m 50-90kgs KES 65,000
2m x 3m x 2m 80-100kgs KES 85,000
2m x 4m x 2m 90-110kgs KES 90,000
2m x 5m x 2m 100-130kgs KES 110,000
L X W x H    





  1. Is it safe to solar dry fish and meat?
    What’s the price of a metal solar dryer with capacity of 1/2 tone?
    I need one urgently in my home- Akado, Seme Subcounty, Kisumu County

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