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Polythene Mulch


Polythene mulch paper with UV treatment by Grekkon Limited is used widely in Kenya by farmers growing crop in the open field or in the greenhouse. It is an effective way of water conservation, weed suppression and for raising soil temperature. Our silver on black plastic mulch paper is available as; 23, 30, 60 and 80 micron with varying widths and lengths. The choice of thickness is a factor of crop location, a grower’s budget and the number of seasons it is intended for use.


Our widths are 1.6M according to the mulch paper thickness. The black part remains underneath to preserve soil warmth, and the silver part goes on the outside to reflect excessive heat. Light reflected by the silver side is a repellent to many insect pests too.

Mulch paper’s advantage over organic mulch is that it does not provide a hiding place for insect pests, and is re-usable over subsequent seasons. This is important in tropical regions where agriculture pest infestation is huge due to high temperatures through out the year.


Polythene mulch paper use has the following advantages

i. Early start for crops. Plants take off with vigor because they have sufficient moisture retained within their root zones. Again the warmth retained in the soil hastens crop growth.

ii. Reduces water wastage. Water loss resulting from evaporation is largely reduced which saves on daily irrigation operational costs.

iii. Less upkeep. Mulch paper stifles weeds which saves weeding operational costs, removes competition for nutrients and light against the crop by weeds.

iv. Better crop quality. Mulched crops have better yield quality as a result of less disease and pest attack, and a more vigorous growth. Plastic mulch paper is available in our Nairobi, Eldoret and Nyeri stores in Kenya. Our technical and agronomy team provide professional advise to growers on the appropriate thickness to us, and how to use it well.

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