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1 acre drip irrigation kit




1 acre drip irrigation kit

Grekkon Limited’s 1 acre drip irrigation kit is tailor made to ensure you use less water while maximizing on your yields. Farmers use our 1 acre drip irrigation kit to irrigate vegetables, fruit trees such as bananas, avocadoes, passion fruits, maize e.t.c.  Drip irrigated crops mature faster, are uniform and of top quality. Farmers also save on labour costs as compared to other methods of irrigation.

Grekkon drip kit

A drip irrigation system for capsicum

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Why use Grekkon Drip Kits?

Grekkon Limited is one of the largest drip irrigation company in Kenya. We supply drip kits  in Kenya that are easy to install because we use hdpe pipe and compression fittings or pvc pipes and their fittings which are easy to work with. Over the years, we have built a reputation of quality and supplying affordable irrigation kits in Kenya.

What is contained in the 1 acre drip kit

The above kits can either have two, three or four driplines per bed. Crops such as tomatoes, sweet pepper, brassicas require two drip lines per bed while for onions and garlic, we recommend three or four driplines per bed.

Drip kit for tomato

Transplanted tomato seedlings under drip irrigation

Apart from the above drip kits, we make custom made designs based on your farm. For such kind of farms, we will do a survey and give appropriate designs.

Steps before installing a drip kit

Site visit and data gathering

Before installing drip irrigation system on your farm, we always make a point of visiting the farmer to take measurements that will be key in designing the system. Alternatively, the farmer may share with us information required in designing the system. Generally, data obtained for designing a good system encompasses the following.

  • Dimensions of the farm i.e length and width
  • Slope of the farm.
  • Distance from farm to the water source
  • The position of the tank relative to the farm

Land preparation and bed making

Prepare your land to the finest tilth then raise your beds 15cm high by 0.8m, 0.9m or 1m wide. Leave a path of between 0.4m to 0.5m in between the beds.

Actual drip irrigation installation

Installation includes laying of main lines, sub main lines, screen filters and drip lines and fittings. We select bigger pipes as main pipes and smaller pipes as sub main lines. For one acre drip kit, we either use 2” or 1.5” as main line and 1.5” and 1.25” as sub main lines.

Once a crop is selected, we will advise on the number of drip lines per bed. We recommend 3 drip lines per for onions and garlic and 2 drip lines per bed for tomatoes, cabbages

The drip irrigation kit can be gravity driven or pump driven, either by use of diesel pumps, electric booster pumps, solar pumps or high pressure pumps. 

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Cost of drip irrigation kit per acre in Kenya

The cost of drip irrigation per acre in Kenya is between Kes. 100,000 to 140,000 for two driplines per bed and Kes. 141,000 to 185,000 for 3 driplines per bed mainly for onions and garlic.

Crop Price Per Acre (Min) Price Per Acre (Max)
Water melons KES 75,000 KES 85,000
Sukuma, Totamatoes, Peppers KES 125,000 KES 145,000
Onions, garlic KES 165,000 KES 185,000


Our  1 acre drip irrigation kits have either 1, 2 drip lines or 3 drip lines per bed. 2 drip lines is ideal for tomatoes, capsicums, sukuma wiki etc Garlic and onion drip irrigation kits have 3 drip lines per bed. 1 drip line per bed is ideal for crops such as as water melons and potatoes.

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