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Coco Peat Planting Media

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Achieve 100% germination rate with coco peat planting media. Coco peat from Grekkon Limited is also ideal for raising potted plants and for flower hydroponic production.


Achieve 100% Germination Rate With Coco peat

Coco peat is a plant growing medium, one of the best alternative to soil. It is obtained from coconut husks which are usually grounded and compacted into 5kg or 1kg blocks. Coir is regarded as the best substrate in agriculture and horticulture. Grekkon Limited is one of the leading coco peat supplying companies in Kenya. Our coco peat is used by small, medium and largescale farmers for crop production.

coco peat in Kenya

Seedling germinated from coco peat

We supply all cocopeat types, from very fine to course. Fine cocopeat is mainly used in the propagation of seedlings because it allows for easier root penetration. Rough cocopeat with more than 50% fibre is ideal for planting of mature plants such as cut flowers, potted plants and in hydroponic systems.

Since its inception, Grekkon Limited has worked with all walks of farmers from small to large growers, making it the largest cocopeat supplier in Kenya.

Main crops grown with cocopeat

  1. Vegetable seedlings: Mainly tomatoes, cabbages, kales, sweet pepper
  2. Indoor potted plants.
  3. Young cuttings and plantlets such as gereniums, roses, carnations
  4. Mature crops in the field such as cut flowers, bulbs, etc
Coco peat prices in Kenya

Loose coco peat

Benefits of using cocopeat.

  • It is highly porous. This keeps the medium well aerated and loose for better root growth
  • Has good water holding capacity ensuring there is no overwatering or underwatering of your seedlings
  • Cocopeat is highly porous with good water holding capacity and high cation exchange
  • It is easy to transport cocopeat because it can easily be compressed
  • Cocopeat provides a great environment for root beneficial fungi and bacteria to grow.
  • The fact that it has zero nutrients means you can easily formulate various quantities required for your seedlings.
  • It is disease and pest free compared to the soil.
  • Helps give your crops uniformity and a good start

How to use coco peat

Before using it, coco peat has to be Treated.  Failure to treat it will result to poor germination due to the scorching effect caused by excess sodium in the medium.

Treatment of cocopeat involves first soaking it in water to hydrate it after which fertilizer such as calcium nitrate that can replace the sodium salts is introduced. This reaction takes about 24 hours and helps to remove the unwanted salts. It is then and rinsed several times.  Finally, the water is drained and EC measured to ensure it is within the pH range required. The ideal pH range is 6.5 for seedlings.

The media is then potted in seedling trays or pots. Seeds are then sowed singly and put under a shade net or a greenhouse.


Grekkon Limited coco peat is available in 5kg blocks or 15kg bags in loose form However, we can sell any quantity from as low as 1kg.

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Coco peat prices in Kenya

The price of coco peat in Kenya is Kes. 80 per kg available as loose coco peat or 5kg blocks. 1kg coco peat is also available. Wholesale prices available for bulk orders from 1 tonne.

coco peat prices in Kenya

Grekkon coco peat blocks



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