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Drip lines

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Grekkon Limited supplies best drip lines in Kenya for drip irrigation. We have both single and double emitter drip lines. Our driplines have a flow of 1.1L per hour to 2.2L per hour and are UV treated to last long.


Drip lines are small thin walled pipes with tiny perforations called emitters used in drip irrigation. Drip lines allow water and nutrients to go straight to the targeted area, that is the root zone. They enable farmers save on water, nutrients and labour.

Advantages of drip lines

  • Water distribution is uniform as controlled by the nozzles
  • There is zero soil erosion
  • Water efficiency is enhanced with drip tape
  • Weed growth is reduced
  • Driplines allow you to apply water and fertilizer together (fertigation). This saves on labour and time.
  • Driplines accommodate fields with irregular shape.
  • Foliage remains dry thereby reducing disease incidence.
  • It uses less energy because the system is gravity driven.
  • Drip tapes are also pump driven. They work well with petrol and diesel pumps.

Dripline Material

Drip line is made from polyethylene. The material is UV treated to ensure it lasts long. They can last for 5 years once installed.

Drip Size and Thickness

The thickness ranges from 0.1mm to 0.6mm. In Kenya, the most common thicknesses are 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm. Grekkon Limited supplies 0.3mm and 0.4mm drip pipes.

Drip line sizes in Kenya are mainly 12mm and 16mm. However, 16mm accounts for 98% of all the drip tapes installed in most farms.

Dripline spacing

Grekkon Limited supplies drip lines in Kenya with the following spacings and the recommended crops.

  • 10cm: Ideal for close spaced crops such as onions and garlic
  • 15cm: Best for onions, garlic, Sukuma wiki and cabbages.
  • 20cm: Works well with crops such as cabbages, Sukuma wiki and capsicums. 20cm drip irrigation pipes are universal and can work on almost all crops
  • 30cm: Ideal for tomatoes and other wide spaced plants

Double Emitter and Single Emitter Driplines

Grekkon Limited supplies both single and double emitter drip lines. Double emitter drip tapes have two nozzles while single emitters have one. The two nozzles in double emitter drip lines increase the flow rate and reduces irrigation time by up to 40%. This saves the farmer time and money. The wetting pattern for both single and double emitter drip lines are excellent.

Drip line Flow rate

Flow rate has an effect on the amount of water to use and the irrigation time. Higher flow rates means you will use more water and take shorter periods to irrigate. Grekkon Limited drip lines have a flow rate of 1.1L/HR to 1.5L/H

Dripline Durability and Lifespan

  • Under proper care, drip tape is supposed to last for 5 years on average. For this to be achieved proper care should be carried out which includes:
  • Installation of a filter system to trap silts thereby preventing drip blockage
  • Regular flashing of the system with appropriate solution
  • Proper storage when not in use to prevent damage from rats

Drip line Prices in Kenya

Drip line Spacing Flow  Price
15cm 1.1-1.5L/HR KES 8,500
20cm 1.1-1.5L/HR KES 8,500
30cm 1.1-1.5L/HR KES 8,500

Grekkon Limited drip lines are sourced from the best manufacturers ensuring value for money. Grekkon Drip is ideal for cultivation of tomatoes, onions, avocadoes and other crops. Our drips are used in the installation of simple drip irrigation systems in Kenya.



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15cm/20cm/30cm spacing, Double Drippers

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