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Greenhouse Polythene Sheet

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Greenhouse Polythene Sheet

UV Stabilized Greenhouse Polythene Sheet is 200 micron thick is used to cover field/greenhouse. Greenhouse polythene sheet optimizes light transmittance and minimizes temperature fluctuations apart from protecting & enhancing crop growth and harvest.

Grekkon Limited’s UV treated greenhouse cover, is uv stabilized to last you for upto 5 years. We have clear and the yellow colour with widths of upto 14m.

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Advantages of Greenhouse covers

  • It offers you a longer growing season. Growing seasons can be extended even in cold seasons
  • You can grow a variety of plants, especially the high value crops, thus boosting your income.
  • Growing crops under a greenhouse ensures pests are kept at bay. This includes insects, diseases, rodents etc. Use of chemicals is greatly reduced.
  • There is optimum growing environment for the plants.
  • Plants are protected from bad weather
  • Reduced use of dangerous pesticides
  • Beneficial insects are protected e,g bees, lady birds etc

Types of Greenhouse polythene covers

Greenhouse polythene s come in two colours, mainly clear (sometimes referred as milky white) and yellow. The choice of colour will depend on the crop grown.

  • Nectrarine Clear or milky white greenhouse films (for vegetables) are ideal for farms in high altitudes or areas with extremely low temperatures. They have slightly higher temperatures at night than outside. They are ideal for vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums
Greenhouse with nectrine polythene sheet

A greenhouse with nectarine polythene sheet

  • Yellow greenhouse films are ideal for high altitudes and lower temperatures. They have excellent anti drip and anti-fog properties. It is highly recommended for cucumber growers and multi coloured plants, mainly flowers
greenhouse polythene sheet

Grreenhouse with yellow greenhouse polythene sheet

Greenhouse sheet Thickness

Greenhouse polythene come in various thickness or gauge, mainly 150 microns, 180 microns and 200 microns. 200 microns plastic films are the most common in Kenya and East Africa. Use a caliper to measure the exact thickness.

UV Treatment

UV treated greenhouse plastic films have to be UV stabilized. This offers better strength, preventing harmful rays from the sun thereby increasing their longevity. Films that aren’t UV treated will wear out in the shortest time possible. It also has to be translucent so as to diffuse light well bouncing the available sunlight and

Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya

The price of greenhouse polythene sheet in Kenya is Kes. 96 per m square.

Colour Gauge Price Per m2
Yellowish 200 microns 120
Nectarine/Milky White 200 microns 120

The above table shows greenhouse polythene sheet price in Kenya supplied by Grekkon Limited

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Dimensions 1400 cm

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