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HDPE Pipes

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We are suppliers HDPE pipes and fittings in Kenya for use in clean water supply, irrigation, gas, sewerage and as telecommunication conduits. HDPE pipes are strong and durable.


HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes are flexible plastic pipes used for  water supply, irrigation, gas and other fluids transfer. HDPE pipes are made from high density polyethylene which makes them strong compared to other piping systems.  They are unique pipes in that they do not require any gluing when connecting. HDPE water pipes can withstand substantial amounts water and gas pressure. HDPE pipes in Kenya are available at Grekkon Limited.

HDPE Pipes in Kenya

90mm HDPE pipe installation in Mosoriot, Nandi

HDPE Pipe Prices in Kenya (2022)

The latest prices of HDPE pipes in Kenya (October 2022)  are Kes. 1,800 for 16mm, Kes. 5,500 for 32mm, Kes. 7,500 for 40mm, Kes. 10,000 for 50mm and Kes. 16,000 for 63mm. The prices vary from PN6 to PN16.

HDPE pipe prices in Kenya


HDPE pipe Manufacturers in Kenya

Grekkon works closely with the HDPE pipe manufacturers in Kenya and abroad to deliver the  best to its customers.  All HDPE pipe manufacturers in Kenya are all ISO certified.

Advantages and Benefits of HDPE Piping

  1. Chemical and corrosion resistant
  2. HDPE is flexible and light weight. The pipes can be bent easily at 30m radiuses and above
  3. The pipe is available in long lengths of more than 100m compared to PVC and GI pipes, This reduces the number of joints.
  4. Resistant to abrasion due to good physical strength.
  5. Best UV resistance compared to PVC which makes them easy to expose on the surface.
  6. HDPE are smooth inside which make them have lower frictional loses. This reduces cost of pumping.
  7. Joints have zero leaks because of the techniques used of butt fusion and compression fittings.
  8. High toughness.
  9. Low maintenance cost compared to other piping systems.
  10. Recyclable and environmentally friendly.
HDPE Pipes

Saddle Clamp for HDPE connection

HDPE Pipe Sizes in Kenya

Grekkon HDPE Pipes are available in sizes from 16mm to 800mm with corresponding pressure gauges from PN6 to PN25.

Uses of HDPE piping systems.

  1. Irrigation.
  2. Clean water supply
  3. Electrical and telecommunication conduits
  4. Gas Transfer
  5. Mining industries
  6. Sewerage lines

How HDPE pipes are joined

HDPE Water Pipe fittings or  PE compression fittings are commonly used for joining pe pipes upto 90mm. HDPE water pipe fittings are the most popular because of the less technicality involved in using them.

  • Using Butt Fusion

In this method, two ends of the pipes to be joined are heated and welded using a butt welding machine and both ends are pushed towards each other under pressure at a certain temperature. Hdpe pipes from 63mm to 1200 mm in diameter can be welded by using this welding method.

Life Expectancy of HDPE Pipes

The expected lifespan of HDPE pipes is between 50 to 100 years. This will depend on the strength and the level of UV treatment.

HDPE Water Pipe Pressure Gauge Chart

Pressure grades according to international standards:

  • PN 6 =max pressure 6 bar
  • PN 8 = max pressure 8 bar
  • PN 10 = max pressure 10 bar
  • PN 12.5 = max pressure 12.5 bar
  • PN 16 = max pressure 16 bar
  • PN20 =max pressure 20 bar
  • PN25 = max pressure 25 bar

1 bar = 105 Pa (N/m2) = 0.1 N/mm2 = 10.197 kp/m2 = 10.20 m H2O = 0.9869 atm = 14.50 psi (lbf/in2) = 106dyn/cm2 = 750 mmHg

Where to buy HDPE Pipes in Nairobi

You can buy HDPE pipes in Nairobi from Grekkon Nairobi stores located in Utawala. Call +254 711 895 635 to place your order.





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16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm

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