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High Pressure Water Pumps

KSh35,000.00KSh55,000.00 (Exclusive of 3% Service Charge.)


High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure pumps are very efficient in pumping water up hill , irrigation, fire fighting and pumping water over long distances.


High pressure water pumps in Kenya have high heads with low volumes. High pressure water pumps in Kenya can pump water up hill with little resistance. Common applications of high water pressure pumps in Kenya include irrigation, community water supply, drainage of flooded areas among others. Grekkon Limited is one of the largest suppliers of high pressure petrol pumps in Kenya and the entire East Africa. Our water pumps are efficient and durable. They are portable too, thus enabling quick and easy handling at the farm. Our water pump prices are reasonable.

High Pressure Water Pump Price in Kenya

The prices of high pressure water pumps in Kenya range between Kes. 30,000 to Kes. 45,000 for petrol water pumps and Kes. 65,000 to Kes. 90,000 for portable diesel water pumps. For water cooled diesel engines, the price ranges between Kes. 150,000 to Kes. 250,000.  Contact us today for a quotation today.

A 16HP High Pressure diesel water pump

High pressure pumps in Kenya for sale brands.

  • Honda Water Pumps: Considered one of the best pump in the world because of reliability and performance.
  • Kato Pumps. Affordable pumps, very good for rain gun sprinklers
  • Astramilano. An Italian reliable pump that pumps water well uphill.
  • Carltons UK
A carltons UK high pressure water pump

A carltons UK high pressure water pump

Features of High Pressure Pump Kenya

Petrol Diesel (Portable-Air cooled)        Diesel         (Water Cooled)
Flow 18-30m3 39-48m3 45-65m3
Engine Power 6-7HP 10-14HP 10-50HP
Head 60-90m 75-90m 65-120m
Suction 6-8m 6.5-8m 7-8m
Inlet 2” 3” 21/2
Outlet 11/2” & 2” 3” 21/2


A high pressure pump

A high pressure petrol pump


Pump Specialists by Grekkon Limited

Grekkon Limited has a team of pump specialists on stand by to help in selecting the best water pump in Kenya for all terrains. More so, our pumps come with a warranty, to safeguard you from any eventuality. We work with ISO certified water pump manufacturers in Kenya and abroad to ensure farmers get value for their money.

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Petrol Pump, Diesel Pump

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