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Kitchen Garden Drip Kit



Grekkon Limited’s  kitchen garden kits are ideal for cultivating crops such as tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, passion fruits etc. The kit comprises of main pipes, drip lines, filtration system and main pipes. Use your little space available to produce high value crops.


Grow Vegetables in your Small Kitchen Garden

Grekkon Limited’s kitchen garden drip kit is tailor made to ensure you use less water while maximizing on your yields.  Farmers use our kitchen garden drip kits to irrigate vegetables, fruit trees such as bananas, avocadoes, passion fruits and cereal crops such as maize.  Drip irrigated crops mature faster, are uniform and of top quality. Kitchen garden drip irrigation kits also saves farmers on labour costs as compared to other methods of irrigation.

Our kits are easy to install as we use hdpe pipe and or compression fittings or pvc pipes and their fittings.

At Grekkon Limited, we pride ourselves by being leaders in supply of affordable kitchen garden drip irrigation kits

What is contained in the kitchen garden drip kit

The above kits can either have two, three or four drip lines per bed. For crops such as tomatoes, sweet pepper, brassicas we recommend two drip lines per bed while for onions and garlic, we recommend three drip lines per bed.

Apart from the above kitchen garden drip kits, we make custom made designs based on your farm layout. For such kind of farms, we will do a survey and give appropriate designs.

Steps before installing an irrigation system

Before installing an irrigation system in your farm, we always make a point of visiting the farmer or take measurements that will be key in designing the system. Generally, the following data is required.

  • Dimensions of the farm i.e length and width
  • Slope of the farm
  • Distance from farm to the water source
  • The position of the tank relative to the farm
  • Water

Prices of Kitchen Garden Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

From as low as Kes. 9,000 for 81m2 to 15,000 for 150m2. Actual kitchen garden size needed for accurate estimates.



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