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Screen Filters

KSh900.00KSh3,000.00 (Exclusive of 3% Service Charge.)


Screen Filters

Grekkon Limited provides a complete range of professional screen filters to provide clean water from a variety of water supply sources, and to keep the irrigation systems operating efficiently year after year


Screen Filters are used in drip irrigation to prevent tiny debris from entering and blocking drip line emitters. Irrigation screen filters ensure your irrigation system remains trouble free. Grekkon Limited screen filters are manufactured to withstand harsh climatic tropical conditions. A rubber seal inside them makes the screen filters water tight.


Mesh type: 150 microns

Sizes: 3/4” , 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2”

Uv treated

Screen filter prices in Kenya

3/4” at Kes. 900, 1” at Kes. 1,100, 1.5” at Kes. 2,500 and  2” at Kes. 3,500


Additional information

Available in:

0.75″(three quarter inch), 1″(one inch), 1.25″(one and a quarter inch), 1.5″(one and a half inch), 2″(two inch)

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