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Seedling Trays

KSh90.00 (Exclusive of 3% Service Charge.)


We are suppliers of top quality seedling trays in Kenya for your propagation needs. Our seedling trays come in different hole sizes from 28 cell to 288 cell.  Our planting trays are made of UV treated materials to last long so they can easily be recycled after transplanting. You can use them to propagate vegetables, tree seedlings among thers.


Achieve 100% germination rate with seedling trays

We stock high quality seedling trays to cater for your propagation needs, both seeds and cuttings. Our seedling trays helps farmers achieve 100% germination rate. Planting trays is an innovative way of propagation that works well, no matter the location and environment

Planting trays by Grekkon Limited

Our planting trays come in a variety of colours and forms including black, white but the most commonly available trays colour is black in colour

Advantages of using seedling trays for seedling germination.

  • Reduces incidences of damping off caused by overcrowding and non treated soil.
  • You are assured of good germination compared to soil.
  • There is much improved root development and reduces incidences of transplanting shock.
  • Crops grown from germination trays mature faster as they quickly establish once transplanted
  • Uniform harvesting as compared to those raised directly in the soil.
  • They can easily be transported with zero damage.

We stock a variety of seedling trays including

  • 28 cell seedling trays
  • 50 cell seedling trays
  • 66 cell seedling trays
  • 100 cell seedling trays
  • 160 cell seedling trays
  • 204 cell seedling trays
  • 288 cell seedling trays

A wide range of planting media can be used on germination trays, most commonly cocopeat, peatmoss, soil etc. The choice will depend on availability and cost. Soiless media have no zero diseases.

Seedling Trays Prices in Kenya

The price of seedling trays in Kenya is Kes. 90 available in cell sizes of 28, 50, 160, 200 and 288.

No. of Holes Ideal Crop Price
28 cells Water melon, fruit trees etc KES 90
160 cell Vegetables KES 90
200 cell Vegetables KES 90
288 cell Vegetables KES 90

planting trays

At Grekkon Limited, we pride ourselves by being the leading supplier of seedling trays in Kenya and the entire continent.

We stock and supply top quality seedling trays in Kenya and the entire East Africa for your propagation needs. You can buy planting trays from any of our outlets or have them delivered to you via courier services or matatus of your choice.

Tomato and onion seedling trays

Planting Trays Frequently Asked Questions

1. What plants can be grown in trays?

Vegetable seedlings such as tomatoes, cabbages, kales, sweet peppers, flower cuttings etc

2. What are seedling trays used for?

They are used for propagating seedlings.

3. Where can I buy seedling trays in Kenya?

Buy Seedling trays in Kenya from Grekkon Limited. Call 0711 895 635


Additional information

Number of Holes

28 Holes, 50 Holes, 66 Holes, 160 Holes, 204 Holes, 288 Holes

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