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Quality Damliners in Kenya

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Best Dam liners for sale in Kenya

Quality damliners in Kenya

HDPE dam liner installed in Nandi, Kenya by

When looking for quality damliners in Kenya, Grekkon Limited is your first stop. We are the number one company in supply and installation of quality damliners in Kenya and the entire East Africa. Our dam liners are the most reputable because they last for many years (more than 10 years).

damliner ensures water is harvested and stored for later use mainly for irrigation, domestic and livestock use.  Water harvesting using dam liners ensures large volumes of water from boreholes and wells, rivers and runoffs are harvested stored for supply to the community. Dam liners are made to alleviate the problem of leakages in porous soils.

Dam liners

A dam liner installed in Nakuru, Kenya by Grekkon Limited

Dam liner Gauges/Thickness

Below are the various dam liners thickness/gauges available at Grekkon Limited.

Thickness Lifespan Uses
0.5mm 10-15 years For small to medium dams and soils with no rocks
0.75mm 15-20 years Applicable to large dams and rocky terrains
1.0mm 20-30 years Used to line large dams and rocky terrains

Dam liner Types

Dam liners types are  categorized as HDPE, PVC and LLDPE Dam liners. HDPE Dam liners are the most stable with excellent UV and weather resistance. They are the best dam liners for long term projects. PVC Dam liners are soft, light and easy to deliver and install. PVC liners are however not stable hence not advisable for long term projects. LLDPE Dam liners are soft and easy to install. Unfortunately, they have less tensile strength which makes them susceptible to deformations and tears.

Grekkon dam liners are black in colour and are available in fixed widths of 8m and lengths of up to 250m. However, during dam liner installation, we do customized welding (or machine joining) to fit your reservoir size. Grekkon only supplies HDPE dam lining in Kenya.

Note that dam lining material obtained from virgin materials will last for more than 10 years while those from recycled materials can last for less than 5 years.

Dam liner installed in Bungoma, kenya

Dam liner installed in Bungoma, kenya

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Qualities of a Good Dam lining Material

Storage by use of dam or pond liners require the very best lining materials so as to last long and prevent leakages.

  • Materials for dam lining must be UV treated to increase longevity. UV treatment ensures they last for decades of between 10-30 years depending on the thickness and gauge.
  • They should be made from virgin materials, not recycled.
  • Dam liners or pond liners require materials of high resistance to abrasion or puncturing.
  • Good dam liners should withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Should be stable.
  • Quality dam lining material should be pocket friendly to the buyer.

Before purchasing dam liners, always consider: type of material, thickness, size of the dam and features. Also get the right dimensions of the dam prior to purchasing. Always purchase brand new dam liners and not second hand dam liners. Second hand dam liners will always wear out within a year of purchase.

Uses of Quality Dam liners in Kenya

Dam liner Prices in Kenya

Dam liner installation in Eldoret Kenya

Dam liner Prices in Kenya

The cost of dam liners in Kenya per m square is Kes. 220 for 0.5mm,  Kes. 310 for 0.75mm and Kes. 390 for 1mm dam. Our dam liners prices in Kenya are the most affordable.

Dam liner Thickness Price per m sq
0.5mm Kes. 220
0.75mm Kes. 310
1.0mm Kes. 390
Table of dam liner prices in Kenya

The above cost does not include dam liner welding which is charged separately at Kes. 20-35 per m square for liners which require customized joining.
Dam liners by Grekkon Limited

Dam liner installed in Eldoret Kenya

Dam liner Installation Process in Kenya


This is the first step and usually takes the longest time. Excavation can be done manually where jembes and hoes are used or with a machine. Most common machines for dam excavation are backhoe loaders, bull dozers and caterpillars. During excavation, the side walls are inclined at an angle to prevent collapse of the dam. The cost of digging a dam in Kenya is Kes. 7,000 to Kes. 15,000 per hour for an excavator depending on soil & distance. Other additional variable costs are mobilization, fuel & operator wages.

Smoothening of the dam.

This is done to remove any sharp objects that may damage the dam liner. You may be forced to pour in water on the floor and sides to soften it.

Trench making

Trenches are dug round the dam where the dam liner will be installed. The size of the trench will depend on the size of the dam and the dam liner thickness. The most popular trench sizes are 1ft deep by 1ft wide and 1.5ft deep by 1.5ft wide.


During dam liner installation and after measuring the dam liner required, the liner is inserted in the reservoir, to take the shape of the reservoir. The dam lining material must have an allowance for overlap. This allowance is inserted in the trench and covered with soil so as to have a smooth finish. Several casual labourers are needed to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Note that you have to install an inlet and an over flow. The inlet can be a pipe from a river, borehole or from the roof gutter section. Dams that trap run off water must have a silt trap with several chambers to trap stones, mud and other debris.

Gallery slideGallery slideGallery slide

Reputable Dam liner company in Kenya

In 2021, Grekkon Limited was voted one of the best dam liner installation companies in Kenya in the annual agricultural awards. Our dam liners are manufactured to withstand harsh tropical conditions in Africa. Contact us today on +254 711 895 635 to place your order.

Trained Dam liner Technicians in Kenya

Grekkon Limited has trained dam liner technicians and support you in selection and fixing of appropriate liners. Our dam liners technicians in Eldoret, Nairobi, Meru, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nyeri and Nyahururu are available when needed.

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Dam liners FAQ

How long do dam liners last?

Dam liners have a lifespan of between 10-30 years depending on the thickness and raw materials used. Dam liners made from virgin materials last longer than dam liners made manufactured from recycled materials.

What is dam lining?

Dam lining refers to the use dam liners to insulate dams, ponds or reservoirs. Dam lining is one the best way of providing water proofing to soils that are porous thus providing a permanent water storage.

Who are dam liner manufacturers in Kenya?

Grekkon Limited imports dam liners from global dam liner manufacturers.

What is a dam liner welding machine?

Dam liner welding machine is a machine used for joining two dam liners together. It is also used for repairing leaking dam liners.

What is water harvesting using dam liners?

Water harvesting using dam liners is technique of using dam liners on ponds and reservoirs to trap water for irrigation, animal and general use. Harvested water is used at a later date when needed.

What is the cost of digging a dam in Kenya?

The cost of digging a dam in Kenya ranges between Kes. 250 to Kes. 900 per cubic meter depending on the location and nature of the soil/rock and the machine used.

Where can I buy Grekkon dam liners?

You can buy them from any Grekkon outlet located countrywide. Call 0711895635 to inquire an outlet near you.

Where can I buy a dam liner welding machine in Kenya

Grekkon Limited

Is there any difference between dam liners and fishpond liners?


Which company offers dam liners for sale in Kenya?

Grekkon Limited

What kind of dam liners is best?

HDPE dam liners.


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      Hello Dick and thanks for contacting us. We do not cut and custom make tank liners for resevervoirs. What we do is factor in all dimensions of your tank including allowances then give you a dam liner that will fit inside it. Kindly share the dimensions for an exact quotation.

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