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Quality Damliners in Kenya

Admin - November 12, 2019 - 2 comments

When looking for quality damliners in Kenya, Grekkon Limited is your first stop. We are number one in supply of quality damliners  in Kenya and East Africa. Our damliners are most reputable because they last for many decades. For crop farmers, having a damliner ensures they harvest and store water to irrigate their farms after the rains. This thus guarantees them continuous income supply.

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Damliner quality features

We supply UV treated, HDPE, water proof liners manufactured from virgin materials. It is these properties that ensure longevity on the damliner, providing life span of between 15-30 years for the different gauges and thickness. Other than in instances of mechanical damage to the liner, our dam liner welding service ensures liners have zero water leakage.

With dam liners, farmers can trap run off water, rain water from the gutter, trap river water or pump water from the borehole or well. For run off water, silt traps will prevent the dam from collecting mud.

Other uses of damliners

Fish pond lining Silage making Hydroponics agriculture Multi storey gardening Repairing leaking underground and above tanks Repair leaking concrete roofs As gutters


Quality Damliners in Kenya
Best Damliners in Kenya
Dam liner Prices in Kenya
Damliner Thickness Price per m sq
0.5mm Kes. 200
0.75mm Kes. 300
1.0mm Kes. 340
Table of dam liner prices in Kenya
Quality Damliners in Kenya
Quality Dam liners in Kenya



  1. Can I get a quote for a 7*7*7 foot ground water tank liner?

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