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Rain gun Sprinklers

Admin - July 14, 2023 - 14 comments

Irrigate your farm with rain gun sprinkler systems.

Gear driven raingun sprinkler

Rain gun Sprinklers are a new generation of high volume, high pressure sprinklers for use in overhead irrigation. Rain gun sprinklers in Kenya are mainly used for irrigating vegetable crops, lawns and grasses, broad acre crops, orchards and forestry. They are also used widely in suppressing dust in mines and construction sites. Rain gun sprinklers spray water on large areas, thereby saving your time and labour.

Grekkon 100m long Rain gun Sprinkler

Grekkon Limited pioneered the introduction of two models of rain-gun sprinklers to the Kenyan market, first the double nozzle steel and brass rain-gun series. These Rain gun sprinkler series have 2 nozzles, a main top nozzle of 16mm and a small underneath nozzle of 8mm. The purpose of the small nozzle is to eliminate any ‘’water shadow’’ areas or sections within the irrigated area that remain dry. The spray gun sprinklers are also categorized according to input pipe size.

Types of Rain gun sprinklers

1. Impact rain gun sprinklers

Here, the sprinkler moves in a circular motion, powered by the force of water ejecting from the nozzles. The spraying distance will depend on the water pressure. The sprinkler can be set to operate any angle from 0 to 360 degrees.

Rain gun Sprinklers in Kenya
A 1” Impact Rain gun Sprinkler

2. Flange rain gun sprinklers

Flange rain gun sprinkler is a gear driven sprinkler with a flange system to connect the water gun with the supporting stand. Flange sprinklers have a spraying radius of 30 to 80m. The sprinkler is known to produce very fine droplets. It rotates at a very slow speed, ensuring quick and maximum ground wetting.

3gear type rain gun

Rain gun Sprinkler prices in Kenya

The prices of rain gun sprinklers start from Kes. 5,000 to Kes. to Kes. 17,500 for impact type rain guns and Kes. 30,000 to Kes. 65,000 for flange (gear) rain guns. Plastic rain guns go for Kes. 2,000 Here is a table of prices.

1”10-20m800L/HRKES 5,000
11/220-25m8,000L/HRKES 15,000
2”25-30m14,000L/HRKES 16,000
21/230-40m23,000L/HRKES 17,500
Rain gun sprinkler prices in Kenya

Rain gun sprinkler specifications

SizeTypeSpecifications (Flow, radiuses, Pressure)Pump Requirement
1”Brass5m3/hr, 12m, 3barLow Pressure
1.5”30py8m3/hr, 20m, 4barHigh Pressure
2”40py12m3/hr, 30m, 4.5barHigh Pressure
2.5”50py20m3/hr, 40m , 4.5 barHigh Pressure

Rain gun sprinkler pipes

The input pipe can be; PVC, HDPE or a delivery lay flat  pipe. Each rain-gun sprinkler has a 1M steel tripod stand for support. The sprinklers can be manually adjusted to spray in any angle from 10 degrees to 360 degrees.

Rain gun water pump

For long range rain gun sprinklers to work optimally, a water pump is required. Low pressure rain gun sprinklers use low pressure pumps while 100m rain gun sprinklers use high pressure water pumps, either diesel or petrol types.

Grekkon Limited Mini Raingun Sprinklers



    Hello admin,

    I am a small scale farmer interested in rain gun for my farm. I have a borehole with water capacity of 28000 liters per hour. I use solar for pumping. i empty the water into a 10000 litres and since my land is sloping I use force of gravity to irrigate via overhead sprinklers. I need your advice on low/high pressure rain gun that can help irrigate all year round. Advice also if you have your offices in Nairobi and your location.


    • Admin

      Hello Elijah and thanks for contacting us. We have a large selection of rain gun sprinklers to choose from, with different spraying radiuses and pressure requirements. What is the elevation of your tank?
      Our Nairobi office is located in Utawala Opp GSU training school entrance.

  2. Jackson Ekadeli

    I’m in Turkana, I was using basin irrigation, I have a shallow well, 20 thousand water cube under ground tank, n electricity power, I want to apply rain gun sprinkler irrigation,, advice which gun to use.

    • Admin

      Hello Jackson and thank you for contacting us. For the rain gun to work well, you need plenty of water so that you pump water continously without having to worry. My advise is you put a reservoir so that you trap water for use. Then use a high pressure pump.
      Grekkon Ltd

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