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Submersible Water Pump Kenya

Admin - September 19, 2022 - 7 comments

Submersible Water Pump Prices in Kenya

BrandPump SpecsPrice
TLAC0.37KW, 0.55HP, Flow 1.9m3/Hr, Head, 35M, Outlet 1″5,299.00
TLAC0.55KW, 0.75HP, Flow 2.7m3L/Hr Head 55M Outlet  1″7,499.00
TLAC0.75KW, 1HP, Flow 3.4m3/Hr, Head 65M 1″ Outlet 1” 8,299.00
TLAC0.55KW, 0.75HP, Flow 1.5LM³/H 25M HEAD Outlet 1″ 16,599.00
TLAC0.75KW, 1HP,  Flow 1.5LM³/H, Head 32M, Outlet 1″18,999.00
TLAC0.75KW, 1HP,  Flow 5.1M3/H, Head 36M, Outlet 1″11,299.00
TLAC0.75KW, 1HP, Flow 5.1m3/H, Head 33M, Outlet 1″10,999.00
TLAC0.75KW, 1.1HP, Flow 2M3/H, Head 25M, Outlet 1″15,100.00
TLAC0.55KW, 0.75HP, Flow 3M³/H, Head 78M  Outlet 1″22,777.00
TLAC0.75KW, 0.75HP,  Flow 3M³/H, Head 106M, Outlet 1″25,777.00
TLAC1.1KW, 1.5HP,  Flow 3M³/H,  Head 145M, Outlet 1″30,100.00
TLAC1.5KW, 2HP Flow 3M³, Head 184M, Outlet 1″31,299.00
TLAC2.2KW, 3HP Flow 3M³, Head 260M, Outlet 1″37,888.00
The above pumps are electric and for both deep and shallow well

Submersible water pumps in Kenya are centrifugal pumps whose hydraulic components are flooded by the fluid handled. Submersible water pumps as the name suggests, functions by being submerged within the liquid, in this case water, which is to be pumped. These pumps have vertical turbines with submersible motors mounted to the bottom. Submersible Water Pumps are normally used in deep boreholes and at times shallow wells. They are used for pumping water for irrigation, domestic or general use.

Grekkon Limited submersible water pump prices in Kenya are the best. Our submersible water pump prices ensure that all our products are available to everyone. We source our pumps from renowned brands across the world.

Categories of submersible water pumps

Submersible pumps are categorized into two;

  • solar submersible water pumps
  • electric submersible water pumps

Electric water pumps use electricity energy to power the pump. They are categorized in to two according to power supply.

  • 3-phase pumps; which are bigger and require greater power
  • single phase which use less power.

Components of an electric submersible pump

  • The electric power cable which is installed from the motor terminals to above the end of the pump where it connects to the power cable
  • Control box, this is basically the brain of a submersible pump because it handles many tasks to keep the system working properly. It monitors the flow of water and controls the water pump to keep it at a desired level. It is responsible for protecting pumps against low and high voltage that result from short circuits and overloads.
  • Float switch, this is a switching device that controls the pump depending on the water levels. It is very important, for instance, in stopping the pump from operating once there is no more water to pump out.

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Factors to consider when buying electric submersible pump in Kenya

When clients decide to buy electric submersible pumps in Kenya, the first question they tend to ask the supplier is how much is an electric submersible pump. This should not be the case. There are technical factors to be considered when buying an electric submersible pump. These include;

  1. Maximum discharge head, this determines the distance the pump can pump water from and to.
  2. Discharge rate, different farmers need different amounts of water in their farms and houses by the end of the day. The flow rate determines amount of water that can be achieved per second, minute or hour.
  3. Suction depth, this is how deep the pump can suck water.
  4. Connecting hose size, the connecting size will determine the size of pipe you will be using to deliver water.
  5. Electricity availability, this should be the key determinant of whether or not an electric submersible pump is to be taken.

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Other factors to consider when selecting electric pumps

Other factors not commonly discussed include; the type of electric submersible water pump and the purpose intended for it. Lots of submersible water pumps are intended for use in clear water and irrigation purposes. Other electric submersible water pumps are used to pump heavy dirty deposits. When buying these electric submersible water pumps, check the maximum grain size it can work with. This will inform you on how large the particles in your water can be and still pass through the machine. You’ll need to choose a pump designed to work with the type of contamination to be pumped.

An irrigation submersible pump
An irrigation submersible pump

After all these factors put to consideration, one is now able to consider their financial affordability of the pump that can march their purpose.

Electric submersible, like any other submersible water pump, require low maintenance through service. Their stainless steel cover preserves them for long in water without rust.

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  1. joseph kamanda

    i have a borehole of 100feet depth. which is the best water pump to install at a fair cost

  2. Patrick

    Hello need pump for my shallow well depth of 80ft am in machakos.pps advice

    • Admin

      Hello Patrick and thanks for contacting us. We have a variety of pumps to choose from, both electric and solar. Could you please share with us your daily water requirement so as to select for you one.
      Grekkon Limited.

  3. Stephen

    How much would it cost to drill a borehole of 300metres

    • Admin

      Hello Stephen and thanks for contacting us. To enable us give you a quotation, please share your hydrogeological survey report. Otherwise the price per m ranges between Kes. 6,000 to 9,000 per m.
      Customer Care.

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