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Venturi Injector

Admin - July 17, 2023 - 2 comments

What is a Venturi Injector?

A venturi Injector system is a cheap, economical and efficient way of applying fertilizers through fertigation and chemicals directly into the root system. A venturi injector allows irrigation water to be applied the same time with  fertilizers through drip irrigation thereby saving the farmer time. The system is very efficient as there is no energy required.

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How a Venturi injector system works

A venturi fertilizer injector system includes a bypass, pump and a suction assembly.

For the system to work, there has to be a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet to create a vacuum to initiate suction at the suction port.

Water moving into the injector system speeds up as it enters a constricted channel of the injector, causing a reduction of pressure. The reduction in water pressure causes fertilizer to rise up through the suction assembly into the water channel. The difference between the inlet side of the injector and the outlet is small, thus creating a small vacuum. The result is a suction being created.

Where the difference in pressure is sizeable, a larger vacuum is created, resulting in a larger suction.


A venturi fertigation unit.

Advantages of a venturi fertilizer injector

  • Has uniform injection rate from start to finish
  • You can regulate the rate of flow of fertilizer or chemical
  • Venturi is very cost effective as there is no energy. Labour is drastically reduced
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Zero maintenance cost

Selecting a venturi fertigation unit.

When selecting a venturi fertilizer injector, choose a size and model that matches your drip irrigation system. Always select an injector that matches your irrigation system flow rate. Generally, small sized injector system will restrict flow of the system, while an oversized system will have difficulties drawing fertilizers into the irrigation system.


Venturi injector sizes.

Venturi injectors come in different sizes from ½’’ to 2’’. However, ½’’ and 3/4’’  are the most popular and readily available.

Rule of thumb when installing venturi fertigation systems

The injector outlet must remain flooded for it to work effectively

Do not install the injector in a vertically downward position (outlet below inlet) as this will cause erratic suction by the injector.


Venturi fertilizer injector prices in Kenya

Venturi fertigation unit price range between Kes. 1.500 and Kes. 4,500 depending on the size.

Size Price
1/2 KES 1,500
3/4 KES 2,500
1” KES 3,000
2” KES 4,500

Grekkon Limited supplies the most efficient and affordable venturi injectors in Kenya. Contact us for all your purchases and installations.

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  1. Dan

    Great Product.
    The E.C /the sucking rate can be adjusted/regulated using gate valves installed on inlet and outlet pipes of the venturi .The same is very useful in regulating chemical application rate during drenching.
    Lastly. The system should be flushed with clean water to avoid salt clogging the driplines or emitters especially when using high E.C

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