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Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Admin - July 18, 2022 - 2 comments

Water Pump Prices in Kenya vary depending on brand name, flow rate, usage, type and whether it is electric, solar, petrol or diesel. Grekkon Limited offers the best water pump prices in Kenya and the entire East African region. All our water pumps are sourced from renowned manufacturers around the world and customers are thus assured for quality. We also have highly skilled technical staff that will handle all your technical staff. Grekkon water pumps come with a warranty.

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

BrandPump TypeSpecsPrice
Ford PetrolLow pressure, 35m Head, 58m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 3”KES 39,000
AstramillanoPetrolHigh pressure, 90m Head, 30m3 flow rate, 7.5HP, 2”KES 32,000
Honda (Original)PetrolLow pressure, 35m Head, 32m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 38,000
Daishin (Japan)PetrolLow Pressure, 32m Head, 30m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 35,000
Milano (Italy)PetrolLow Pressure. 28m Head, 28m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 19,000
HISAKI (New)PetrolLow Pressure, 30m Head, 28m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 17,000
AICOPetrolHigh pressure, 75m Head, 20m3 flow rate, 7.5HP, 2”KES 35,000
Stallion(Germany)Diesel75m Head, 39m3 flow rate, 14HPKES 80,000
Power Italia (Italy)Diesel85m Head, 48m3 flow rate, 14HPKES 85,000
Carltons (UK)Diesel85m Head, 40m3 flow rate, 14HPKES 80,000
Lifan (USA)Diesel81m Head, 41m3 flow rate, 16HPKES 85,000
AICODiesel60m Head, 40m3 flow rate, 10HPKES 80,000
Lister,Diesel65m Head, 100m3 flow rate, 30HPKES 200,000
AICOSubmersible32m Head, 1.5m3, 1”, 1.5HPKES 17,000
Speroni KPM50BoosterHead 38m, Flow 2m3, 0.5HPKES 6,500

Categories of Water Pumps in Kenya

  1. Electric Booster Pumps
  2. High and low pressure petrol pumps
  3. High and low pressure diesel pumps
  4. Solar Water Pumps
  5. Submersible Electric

Grekkon Water Pump Brands in Kenya

Popular water pumps brands in Kenya supplied by us include:

  1. Honda Pumps. Mainly surface low and high pressure surface pumps
  2. Ford Water Pumps. Our new brand of powerful high volume low pressure petrol surface pumps.
  3. AICO Pumps. They include submersible electric and surface diesel and petrol water pumps
  4. Grundfos. Powerful surface booster and submersible water pumps
  5. Power Italia Pumps. 14HP powerful diesel water pumps with capability of pumping water for long distance and hilly terrain.
  6. Lifan Water Pumps. Powerful 16HP high pressure diesel pumps for pumping high volumes of water on hilly terrain
  7. Astramillano. 6.5HP high pressure petrol pumps for pumping water over long distance. They also power rain gun sprinklers in Kenya.
  8. Our solar brands include Grundfos, Pedrollo etc

Pump uses.

Domestic water supply. This includes pumping water to elevated tanks and skyrise buildings.

1. Irrigation. Mainly rain gun sprinklers, drip irrigation, furrow and rain hose irrigation systems.

2. Drainage. During rainy seasons and during construction..

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