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Agriculture Nets


Grekkon Kenya supplies a wide variety of agriculture nets. Our agriculture nets are mainly insect nets, shade nets and bird nets and are designed to keep off bird pests, insect pests and protect the crop from excessive radiation from the sun respectively.  All our nets are UV treated to make them resistance to high degradation by the sun’s UV rays. They are manufacture from tough material to withstand weather the elements for many years without wearing out.

Bird nets are agriculture nets designed to keep off bird pests in the farm. They are used to protect crop, poultry and fish or other aquatic ventures that are prone to bird pest attack.

Grekkon Limited’s bird nets are spread as a cover over crop, a fish pond or poultry rearing place. Alternatively, it is also erected on the sides particularly for crops and poultry.

It allows insect pollination for the crop while preventing bird pest attacks.

Insect nets are designed to protect the crop from insect pests. They are usually white in color to reflect plenty of light which in itself is an insect repellant. Grekkon Limited’s insect nets are supplied as 30M x 5.5M or 50M x 30M and a grower decides the most fitting option based on the dimensions of the structure.

Our pore sizes are 9mm squared and 4mm squared. The latter one is ideal for crops prone to attacks from very tine insects such as whiteflies.

Shade nets as the term suggests provide a cover to protect crops from excess heat and light. Grekkon Limited’s shade nets are made to provide varying degrees of shade to the crop. These are; 30%, 55%, 75% and 90% shade cover.

The degree of shade is determined by the crop type, stage of growth, and altitude of the location. In cool high altitude locations, lower shading is needed, while in hot low lying areas, higher shading will be used.

Shade Net Prices

55% – Ksh. 85 per m sq.

75%- Ksh. 115 per m sq

90%- Ksh. 130 per msq

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