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Wooden Greenhouses

Admin - July 29, 2023 - 16 comments

Wooden Greenhouses from Locally Available Materials

Wooden greenhouses offer the best alternative for farmers who would want to grow tomatoes and sweet peppers under a greenhouse environment. Low cost wooden greenhouses are constructed using locally available timber and poles. They cost lower than metallic greenhouse.

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Wooden Greenhouse Ventilation

The greenhouse has to be well ventilated to prevent suffocation of the crops. Ventilation also ensures there is no buildup of pests and diseases. This is done by erecting side curtains or roll up which is opened during the day when it’s hot and closed in the evening. It is made in such a way that there is a net on the inside to allow air in while at the same time preventing insect pests from getting inside.

Cost of wooden greenhouse in Kenya

The prices of wooden greenhouses in Kenya range between Kes. 140,000 to Kes. 370,000 for 8m x 15m and 16m x 30m greenhouses respectively.

Size Approx No of  Plants Cost
8m x 15m 500 KES 140,000
8m x 25m 800 KES 170,000
8m x 30m 1000 KES 190,000
16m x 30m 2,000 KES 370,000
Wooden greenhouses prices

The above cost covers:

Note. Cost does not include tank, stand, transport cost to site, seedlings, tank and tank structure 


wooden greenhouses

Wooden greenhouse constructed in Kapsabet, Kenya

Greenhouse Construction in Kenya

Cost of metallic greenhouses in Kenya

The prices of stell/metallic greenhouses range between Kes. 250,000 to Kes. 390,000 for 8m x 15m and 8m x 30m greenhouses. The prices also vary depending on the material used.

Size Approx No of  Plants Cost
8m x 15m 500 KES 250,000
8m x 25m 800 KES 280,000
8m x 30m 1000 KES 420,000
16m x 30m 2000 KES 600,000

Note. Cost does not cover seedlings, transport cost to site, tank and tank structure.

What is the cost of wooden greenhouse 8m x 15m

Kes. 120,000

wooden greenhouses

wooden greenhouses

What is the cost of wooden greenhouse 8m x 25m

Kes. 140,000

What is the cost of wooden greenhouse 8m x 30m

Kes. 190,000

What is the cost of wooden greenhouse 16m x 30m

Kes. 320,000

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    Hi, is it possible for you to provide a fundi if have or can purchase the materials to minimze the cost?

    • Admin

      Hello Joseph and thanks for contacting us. Yes we can assist you with a fundi if you purchase the materials from us. Alternatively, you can purchase the materials then use your fundi.
      Grekkon Limited.

  2. Kezziah mureithi

    Do you have contact people in embu for construction and do you do trainings?

    • Admin

      Hello Kezziah, we our office in Nyeri will assist you with the greenhouse construction in Nyeri. Please share with us your number for follow up or reach our Nyeri office directly on +254735962626.
      Customer Support.

  3. Peter

    Hey.Do you have a branch in nakuru.interested to build one as a start

  4. Job menge

    Do you have an office in kisii

    • Admin

      Dear Job, no we do not have an office in Kisii, but your nearest branch is Kisumu. Please reach out to our Kisumu office through 0759000911

  5. Josep Kibe

    Planning to venture into greenhouses farming.

  6. FaMAS

    Do you have an office in Kisumu

  7. […] Wooden greenhouses are mainly constructed using poles that can be bought or provided by the farmer. The poles have to be treated first with a wood preservative or oil before being utilized. Other wooden greenhouse materials include nails, insect net, barbed wire for trellising, cement and sand. Other greenhouse materials include UV treated greenhouse polythene cover and drip irrigation system. […]

  8. […] value crops under a greenhouse environment. Metallic greenhouses in Kenya are more durable than wooden greenhouses but slightly more expensive. They have the potential of of staying for more than a decade as wooden […]

  9. erick

    very interesting especially for the young generation. however do you have a loan scheme, insurance and training?

    • Admin

      Hi Erick, thank you for contacting Grekkon Limited. At the moment we do not have a loan scheme but we are working on one. We will keep you posted as soon as it is rolled out.

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