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Greenhouse installation in Kenya

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Greenhouse installation requires high level skills so as to achieve strong and long lasting results. Greenhouse installation from Grekkon Limited Kenya is done using highly trained technicians. The installation can either be of wood or metallic.

Generally, metallic greenhouse is much more expensive than wooden greenhouse although they stay much longer. Wooden greenhouses are considered to be low cost greenhouses in Kenya and are the most common.

Regardless of the type of greenhouse used, the goal is to produce high yielding varieties that will maximize farmer returns. Greenhouses constructed by Grekkon Limited are designed to give plants a conducive growing environment which will eventually maximize farmer returns.

Main Crops grown in a greenhouse.

High value crops are usually in the greenhouse. They include: Tomatoes, coloured capsicums and cucumbers etc.

Metallic greenhouse construction materials

  1. Metallic frames
  2. Profile and zig zag wires
  3. 8mm Tapping screws
  4. 200 microns UV treated greenhouse polythene sheet
  5. Drip lines and fittings
  6. Sand, Cement and Ballast
Metallic greenhouse constructed in Bungoma by Grekkon

Wooden greenhouse construction materials

  1. 200 microns UV treated greenhouse materials
  2. Wooden posts, frames and timber
  3. Nails from 2’’ to 4’’
  4. Drip lines and fittings
  5. Sand, cement and ballast (Although not a must)

Greenhouse sizes in Kenya

Below are the common greenhouse sizes in Kenya

  • 8m x 15m
  • 8m x 30m
  • 8m x 20m
  • 8m x 24m
  • 8m x 30m
  • 16m x 15m
  • 16m x 30m

Greenhouse installation prices in Kenya

8m x 15mKES 210,000KES 130,000
8m x 24mKES 240,000KES 140,000
8m x 30mKES 320,000KES 190,000
16m x 15mKES 400,000KES 320,000
16m x 30mKES 580,000KES 330,000
Greenhouse costs in Kenya

The above costs cover:

Client is responsible for:

  1. Purchasing Tank
  2. Tank Stand
  3. Material transportation to site

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