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5-acre Drip Irrigation System

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Optimize your yield with our affordable irrigation systems

5 acre drip irrigation system

5-acre drip irrigation system entails simple design layouts to deliver water on large acreages. 5-acre drip irrigation system is very ideal for vegetables🥦, fruits🥭 trees, maize🌽 etc. This type of irrigation uses large sized pipes to deliver water to the drip irrigation emitters. Grekkon Limited 5-acre drip kits are made to increase your yield and reduce water losses. The irrigation system also last for years.

5-acre drip irrigation system
5-acre drip irrigation system

Drip Irrigation Materials for 5 acres

  • 16mm driplines with emitter spacing of 15cm, 20cm and 30cm. The driplines are double emitters with a flow range of 1.2-2.2L per hour.
  • 3’’ Screen filters or Disc Filters
  • Main Lines of 3’’ or 2’’
  • Sub Main Lines of 1 ½’’ (HDPE Pipe or PVC Pipe)
  • Control valves
  • Fittings and connectors

Beds size for 5-acre drip irrigation system

The beds are raised 15cm high with a width of 0.8m to 1m. The path is 0.4m wide. The beds are prepared to fine tilth then manure added to increase the soil water holding capacity.

Water Usage for 5-acre drip system

The amount of water needed depends on several factors which include:

  1. Soil type: Soils with a lot of sand have low water holding capacity hence will require frequent irrigation. Soils with high clay content require less irrigation
  2. Prevailing weather condition. Irrigation frequency increases when it is dry.
  3. Dripline emitter spacing. Closely spaced driplines use more water than far spaced driplines

In general, water requirement per acre ranges between 15,000L to 30,000L per acre per application depending on the crop type.

5-acre drip irrigation system
5-acre drip irrigation kit for cabbages

Cost of 5 acre drip irrigation kit in Kenya

The cost of 5 acre drip kit ranges between Kes. 675,000 to Kes. 775,000 for 2 driplines and 3 driplines per bed respectively.

Where to buy 5 acre drip kit

You can buy this irrigation kit in Kenya online or visit any of our branches countrywide

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