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RainGun Sprinklers

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Raingun sprinklers are used to irrigate large portions of land within a short period of time. Raingun sprinklers are meant to minimize irrigation time, thereby increasing farm efficiency. 

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Raingun Sprinklers Applications

  • Rainguns sprinklers are are very ideal for irrigating crops, golf courses lawns and football pitches.
  • In construction sites, they are used for dust suppression
  • They are used in construction sites for curing stones

Types and sizes of RainGun Sprinklers

Rain gun sprinkler can either come plastic or metallic(brass) form. Brass sprinklers are generally durable compared to plastic rain guns although handling is of utmost importance. On the other hand, plastic rain guns are much cheaper than brass.

They come in sizes from from 1’’ to 21/2’’ with spraying radiuses from 15m to 60m depending on the size.

Pump Selection for Rain Gun Sprinklers

For rain gun sprinklers to work, pump selection is key, properly otherwise they will not perform as expected. Generally, they work well with high pressure pumps with high heads. Apart from the pump, you need to consider:

  • Elevation or static height (h),
  • Raingun sprinkler pressure requirement (r),
  • Suction height and frictional loss due due to the pipe size and distance (s) .

Total pump head has to be more than the s+r+h combine for the raingun sprinkler to work effectively. Also consider the nozzle size when selecting your pump.

RainGun Sprinklers Specs

RainGun Sprinkler Size 1” 11/2 2” 21/2
Shooting Radius 15-20m 20-25m 25-30m 30-39m
Material Brass Aluminium/Iron/Plastic Aluminium/Iron/Plastic Aluminium/Iron/Plastic
Working Pressure 2-3 bar 3.0-4.5 bar 3.0-4.5 bar 3.0-4.5 bar
Flow 5m3/hr 7-8m3/hr 10-12m3/hr 15-20m3/hr
Area Irrigated 706-1,256m2 1,256-1,962m2 1,952-2,826m2 2,826m-4,775m2
Pump Requirement Low or High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure

One advantage of raingun sprinklers is that you do not need to set up so many of them to irrigate your farm. For example if you would like to irrigate 2 acres of cabbages, all you need is one raingun sprinkler with a piping network. Once you have finished irrigating a portion of the cabbages, you can switch off the pump then move the gun to the next portion. You do this till the whole farm is adequately irrigated.

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