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Honda Water Pump Prices

Admin - July 29, 2023 - 2 comments

The most trusted water pump in the world

Honda water pump prices in Kenya
Honda water pumps spraying water

Honda water pumps are regarded as one of the best and most reliable water pumps in Kenya. They are designed to tackle the most difficult water pumping jobs available. These water pumps are designed to transport liquids easily and efficiently. Honda water pumps are considered the best pump for irrigation. They are loved world wide because of their versatility and reliability. Grekkon Limited, one of the largest Honda Water suppliers and dealers in Kenya, offers a wide range and variety of models to suite your water pumping needs.

Efficiency of Honda Water Pumps

Honda high pressure water pumps are very efficient in various aspects which range from fuel and oil. They are also versatile and are able to work over long periods of time without affecting their performance. Unlike many other pumps, Honda water pumps are known for quick start which delivers good performance and ultimately fuel efficiency. Honda pumps ensures that work proceeds on smoothly without break ups.

Low pressure honda water pump
A low pressure honda water pump

Honda Water Pump Model Classification

WH15 and WH20 Honda High Pressure Water Pumps

When the pressure is on, Honda High Pressure Water Pumps deliver! W15 and WH20 are high pressure models perfect for applications such as sprinklers and nozzles, they’re compact, easy starting, and highly reliable. A commercial-grade Honda GX Series overhead valve engine delivers quiet operation with superior torque and outstanding fuel efficiency. Choose from two models to get the capacity and psi your jobs demand.

Honda General Purpose Pumps

Durable, reliable Honda General Purpose Pumps are ready for a variety of challenges. They are equipped with a mini-GX four-stroke engine, our WX Series Pumps are lightweight and handy, ideal for general water pumping needs

Honda Lightweight Pumps

The WH series are perfect for applications needing high pressure, such as sprinklers or nozzles. These pumps are lightweight and compact, making them highly portable. Applications include irrigation and fire suppression, as well as pumping over long distances.

Honda  Water Pumps in Kenya

Honda Water Pump Specifications (High Pressure-WH Series)

Output capacity 30,000L/HR
Inlet/Outlet Diameter2”
Maximum Head50m
Sunction Head8m
Pressure5 bars
Engine ModelGX160
Cooling systemForced air
Tank capacity3.1L
Oil capacity0.6L
Dimensions (L)520mm
Dimensions (W)400mm
Dimensions (H)450mm
Dry Weight27kgs
Pump Specs

Applications of Honda Water Pumps in Kenya

  1. Irrigation. This includes drip irrigation, all sprinkler systems including rain gun sprinklers, rain hose and pop up sprinklers.
  2. Drainage in flooded areas and muddy fields.
  3. Supplying community water over long distances using hdpe piping systems from rivers or reservoir
  4. dams.

Advantages of Honda Water Pumps

  1. Reliable: Honda pumps are reliable and durable to make sure they meet your needs. They are designed to give the best performance possible.
  2. Super performance. Honda pumps are built to the highest quality standards to ensure many years of reliable service.

Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya

The price of Honda water pumps range between Kes.34,999 to Kes. 81,999 depending on the model. Grekkon Limited offers best Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya.

Honda WL20XYLow Pressure5.5HP, Flow 40m3/Hr, Head 32mKES 34,999
Honda WL30XYLow Pressure5.5HP, Flow 66m3/Hr, Head 23m,KES 35,999
Honda WP20H High Pressure5.8HP, Flow 35m3/Hr,   Head 75m, KES 48,999
Honda WP40Low Pressure8.5HP, Flow 81m3/Hr Head 31mKES 81,999
Price List of various Honda Water Pump Models
Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya
A high pressure Honda Water Pump


  1. Steve

    Do you prepare under ground water tank liners..?
    If so how much would it cost to get a liner for 10x8ft by 10ft depth tank..?

    • Admin

      Hello Wangombe, yes we install tank liners in Kenya for underground water tanks. For your tank dimensions, material cost will be approx Kes. 31,000. Note that the tank liner has to be installed first before covering the top with a slab.

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