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Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

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Eliminate high fuel and electricity costs with solar pumps!

Solar water pumps in Kenya are a type of pump that use the power of the sun to draw water from deep borehole wells, shallow wells, rivers or dams and pump them up to a storage tank or to certain destination. Solar water pumps in Kenya use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity that is used for pumping water from the source. Grekkon submersible pumps are affordable, greener and more reliable than petrol and diesel water pumps. These solar water pumps have a wide application in irrigation, livestock and as domestic pumps for supply of fresh drinking water. As a leading solar water pumps suppliers in Kenya, Grekkon Limited is committed to supplying affordable solar water pumps in Kenya and the rest of the world.

Submersible solar water pumps
Submersible solar water pumps

Prices of Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

MODELSpecs (Flow, Power, Head)OutletPrice
3DPC3-25-24-3003.0m3/h, 200W, 25m11/4KES 40,000.00
2DPC1.5-35-24-2003.0m3/h, 300W,35m11/4KES 37,500.00
3DPC3.5-47-48-4003.0m3/h, 400W, 47m11/4KES 43,750.00
3DSS1.2-56-24-1201.2m3/h, 120W, 56m3/4KES 46,250.00
3DS5.5-65-72-7505.2m3/h, 750W, 67m11/4KES 68,750.00
3DPC3.5-80-48-6003.5m3/h, 600W, 80m11/4KES 56,250.00
3DPC3.8-123-72-11003.8m3/h, 1100W, 123m11/4KES 65,000.00
3DPC3.8-155-110-13003.8m3/h, 1300W, 155m11/4KES 68,750.00
3DPC3.8-180-110-15003.8m3/h, 1500W, 180m11/4KES 75,000.00
4DPC9-58-110-11009m3/h, 1100W, 58m2″KES 75,000.00
4DP13-36-110-75013m3/h, 750W, 36m2″KES 72,500.00
3DSS1.2-77-36-2101.2m3/h, 210W, 77m3/4KES 52,500.00
2DPC1.7-64-48-4001.7m3/h, 400W, 64m3/4KES 47,500.00
4DSC1.7-64-380/5508m3/h, 4000W, 272m11/4KES 118,750.00
SPX-12-80.36m3/h, 96W, 70m1/2KES 18,750.00
1GX0.48m3/h, 120W, 70m1/2KES 25,000.00
The above cost covers the pump only. For a complete solar system, the client has to share the depth, terrain elevation and borehole or well yield

Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture

Solar water pumps for agriculture are used for pumping irrigation water for crop farming. Agricultural solar water pumps have a flow rate ranging from 1.5m3 to 20m3/her depending on the water demands. Grekkon agricultural solar pumps also come with a warranty.

Advantages of Solar Water Pumps

  • Low operation cost because there is lack of fuel
  • Little or no maintenance costs because the parts are stationary
  • There is zero pollution and hence environmentally safe.
  • Submersible pumps last for a very long time.


  • High initial costs compared with petrol and diesel
  • Theft especially in some areas.
  • Cannot pump water when it is dark. This challenge can be solved by installing a battery charging system.

Application of solar water pumps

Pump Maintenance

Solar submersible water pump has low maintenance cost compared to their petrol and diesel counter parts. Regular checks is however encouraged by checking for faults, cleaning of pump filters, clearing of bush around the solar panels etc.

If maintained well, submersible solar panels have the potential of lasting for many years without replacement.

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