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Irrigation Water pumps

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Irrigation Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Irrigation Water Pumps in Kenya
Ford Irrigation Water Pump
Astramillano Petrol, 90m Head, 30m3 flow rate, 7.5HP, 2”KES 80,000
Honda (Original)Petrol, 35m Head, 32m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 38,000
Daishin (Japan)Petrol, 32m Head, 30m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 35,000
Milano (Italy)Petrol, 28m Head, 28m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 19,000
HISAKI (New)Petrol,  30m Head, 28m3 flow rate, 5.5HP, 2”KES 17,000
AICOPetrol,  75m Head, 20m3 flow rate, 7.5HP, 2”KES 35,000
Stallion(Germany)Diesel, 75m Head, 39m3 flow rate, 14HPKES 80,000
Power Italia (Italy)Diesel, 85m Head, 48m3 flow rate, 14HP, 3”KES 85,000
Carltons (UK)Diesel, 85m Head, 40m3 flow rate, 14HP, 3”KES 80,000
Lifan (USA)Diesel, 81m Head, 41m3 flow rate, 16HP, 3”KES 85,000
AICODiesel, 60m Head, 40m3 flow rate, 10HP, 3”KES 75,000
Lister,Diesel, 65m Head, 100m3 flow rate, 30HP, 3”KES 200,000
Prices of irrigation water pumps in Kenya

Irrigation water pumps in Kenya are mainly used to pump water for irrigation needs. Irrigation pumps in Kenya serve as the heart and engine of all farming activities in Kenya. Thus, an irrigation water pump is considered a necessity in all farms. Grekkon Limited’s irrigation pumps are manufactured to meet the ever changing needs of the Kenyan farmer. All Grekkon water pumps come with a warranty together with expert advise on how to operate them.

A high pressure diesel water pump in Kenya
A high pressure diesel water pump in Kenya

Main Pumps used for irrigation in Kenya

An electric booster pumps
An electric booster pumps

High Pressure and Low Pressure Water Pumps

Petrol and diesel water pumps are mainly used to draw water from dams, reservoirs or rivers. They are surface pumps with suction head range of 6-7m. They are further categorized into high pressure or low pressure water pumps.

High pressure water pumps in Kenya are mainly used for pumping water uphill or for pumping water over long distances. They pump low volume of water but at very high pressure.

Low pressure pumps on the other hand pumps large water volumes, but cannot pump water uphill or over long distances

A high pressure pump
A high pressure pump

Factors to consider when selecting an irrigation water pump

Before selecting an irrigation pump in Kenya, you have to consider the following:

  1. The pump flow rate. This is indicated in m3.
  2. Total dynamic head. This takes into consideration the frictional loss as a result of the speed of water on the pipes. When selecting pumps and pipes, you should note that:
  3. The smoother the pipe, the less the frictional loss.
  4. The larger the pipe diameter, the less the frictional loss.
  5. Total head reduces as you go up the pipeline, and lighter duty pipes can used towards the delivery points.
  6. Total suction head. Which range between 6m-8m
  7. Water source. (Dam, well, river etc)
An irrigation solar pumping system
An irrigation solar pumping system

Irrigation water pumps brands in Kenya

  • Honda Water Pumps
  • AICO Water Pumps
  • Grundfos Multistage Pumps

Irrigation pump pipes and classes

Once a pump has been selected, you need to match the pressure requirements of the pipe. Select heavy gauge pipes at the beginning and low gauge towards the end when total head reduces. You can select from PN6 to PN25 for both HDPE and PVC pipes.

An irrigation submersible pump
An irrigation submersible pump

Main Applications of Irrigation Water Pumps in Kenya

Irrigation Pump Prices in Kenya

The price of irrigation pump in Kenya ranges between Kes. 20,000 to Kes. 150,000 depending on the model. Contact us today for more information.

A high pressure water pump at work

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