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Fish pond liners

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Fish pond liners are black flexible impermeable plastics used for holding or retaining water for fish farming. Fish pond liners have now become the best and most affordable way of rearing fish in Kenya. Traditionally, fish farming was done on swampy areas but according to a recent twitter post by Grekkon Limited, fish farming is now practiced on raised wooden structures which have pond lining material installed in them. Common fish raised on fish pond liners include cat fish, mad fish and tilapia. The fish are raised for domestic consumption or for sale.

Various fish pond liners and their recommended use.

Type (0.5mm) (0.75mm) (1.0mm )
Uses and RecommendationFor use where there are no sharp objects. Applicable for medium dams. Can hold upto 4,000m3Applicable for large projects Can hold more than 4,000m3Applicable for large projects. Can hold more than 4,000m3
DimensionsLengths of upto 200m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together.Lengths of upto 150m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together.Lengths of upto 120m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together.
Lifespan10-15 years15-20 years20-30 years
UV StabilisedYes, to ensure longevityYes, to ensure longevityYes, to ensure longevity

Qualities of good fish pond liner materials

  • Good fish pond iners must be UV treated to increase longevity. Quality fish pond liners can last between 10-30 years depending on the thickness and gauge.
  • They should be made from virgin materials, not recycled. Recycled dam liners have very short lifespan and tend to crack within 1 year.
  • The materials should be highly resistant to abrasion and puncturing.
  • They should be available in a wide variety as HDPE, PVC and LLDPE.
  • They should be easy to install

What to look for when purchasing fish pond liners

Before purchasing dam liners, always consider, type of material, thickness, size of the dam among other features. It is advisable to get the right dimensions of the dam before purchasing the liner.


Fish dam liners can be installed in wooden structures or on excavated land.  For wooden structures, they are raised 1m above the ground and 1m below ground for excavated ponds. The length and width will depend on the number of fingerlings to be reared.

Fish pond liner prices in Kenya

ThicknessTypePrice (Kes) per m sq
0.5mmHDPE Flexible230
0.75mmHDPE Flexible340
1.0mmHDPE Flexible450

Where to buy fish pond liners

You can get your dam liners from Grekkon Limited offices across the country. Our technical team is on standby to assist with selection and installation. Call us today on 0711 895 635 to place your order.

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