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Plastic Mulch

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Plastic mulch is a product used in agriculture, lawns and gardens to prevent weed growth, retain moisture in the soil and to increase soil temperatures. Plastic mulch is widely used in greenhouse production and in open field cultivation. It is always used in conjunction with drip irrigation pipes to make it effective. Crops grown under mulch mature faster and have less pests.

Advantages of Plastic Mulch

  1. Helps to retain soil moisture
  2. Prevents certain pests from attacking the crops
  3. Encourages beneficial soil organisms
  4. Mulch Prevents leafy crops such from coming into direct contact with the soil
  5. Protects plants roots from waterlogging and high temperatures
  6. Farms with plastic mulch look neat and presentable

Polythene Mulch Colours

The best polythene mulch has two colours: Silver and black. Silver colour faces up to reflect away excessive heat while black colour faces underneath to kill the weeds and help in increasing soil temperatures quickly.

Polythene Mulch gauges

Grekkon Limited silver on black plastic mulch paper is available in gauges of 23, 30, 60 and 80 micron with varying widths and lengths.

Mulch Paper Dimensions

Our mulch paper is available in fixed widths of 1.6m and lengths of 500m and 1,000m. However, we cut our mulch depending on the farmer’s budget.

How to Install Polythene Mulch

  1. Prepare your beds by raising them 15cm high with a maximum bed width of 1m.
  2. Install your drip irrigation system.
  3. Put your mulch paper on a metallic trolley, then pull it open.
  4. Place the mulch on the bed then burry the sides with soil.
  5. Finally make your planting holes

Additional information

Weight kg
Dimensions 120 × 200000 cm
Plastic Mulch Thickness

23microns, 30microns, 60microns, 80microns

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