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Dam liner Repair Tape


Easily Repair Leaking Dam liners.

dam liner repair tape

The dam liner repair tape is an adhesive used for minor repairs of dam liners. Dam liner repair tape only repairs patches and tiny holes and not for joining two pieces of dam liners. For joining two dam liners, a dam liner welding machine will be used instead. Pond liner repair tape in Kenya is available at Grekkon Limited.

How to use pond liner repair tape

  • Clean the area before applying pond liner adhesive. Note that the adhesive will not stick well if the area is dirty.
  • Drain the pond below the level of the damaged area, which might mean draining it completely if the hole is in the bottom of the pond.
  • Cut around the edges of the damage, making the edges as neat as possible.
  • Clean the area with a dry cloth then stick the dam liner adhesive onto the dam liner.


Colour Black & Grey
Dimensions 10cm

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