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Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps use the sun energy to pump water with zero running costs. solar water pumps from Grekkon Limited are ideal for irrigation, domestic water pumping, animal drinking water and for industrial water pumping. Solar pumps have zero expenses.


Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps or solar powered pumps are generally pumps that use the power of the sun to generate electricity for pumping water from rivers, wells, boreholes, dams and other water sources. Solar water pump components include solar panels, a dc solar pump, controller, fuse box, electrical wiring, battery (optional) and other fittings and accessories.

Components of solar pumps

  • Solar panels. Used for generating electricity
  • Controller system.
  • Battery for storing energy to pump water during non sunny days and at night
  • Electrical conduit system

Advantages of solar pumps

  • Continuous crop cultivation all year round.
  • Constant water supply for animals
  • Easy to operate. No hard starting like petrol or diesel pumps
  • Zero bills
  • Do not need any fuel or electricity to operate
  • Low maintenance costs as solar water pumps have fewer moving parts

Main uses of solar pumps

  • Irrigation water supply
  • Supply of drinking water for animals
  • Domestic water supply for drinking and cooking

Solar Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Solar irrigation kits is a complete package by Grekkon Limited that consists of a full solar pump and an irrigation kit. The solar irrigation kit package includes:

  1. Solar pumping system which includes solar panels, dc pump, wiring and fittings
  2. A water tank for storage
  3. Irrigation system: We will supply either drip irrigation, sprinkler system or rain hose irrigation.
  4. HDPE piping system (for those who would wish to pump water only).

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Model Power (Hp) Watts No & Panel Size Head (M) Flow rate (L/HR Price (KES)
SP 0.5N 0.6 700 300W x 1pc 40M 5,800 37,120
SP 0.6N 0.8 1,200 300W x 2pcs 60M 5,800 40,215
SP 0.8N 1.1 1,300 300W x 3pcs 70M 5,800 46,400
SP 1.0N 1.3 1,400 300W x 3pcs 80M 5,800 52,600



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1″ Shallow Solar Pump (Without Panel)

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