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Types of pop up sprinklers

Admin - September 16, 2022 - 0 comments

Pop up sprinklers are overhead sprinkler systems used for irrigating lawns and garden. Different types of pop up sprinklers heads are available depending on the area irrigated. The choice will also depend on the cost.

Types of Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop up sprinkler heads are available in two types

Rotating Pop ups

These types of sprinklers are used for applying water in large fields. They spray continuous streams of water to the ground. They can be adjusted to various angles depending on the location from 45 to 360 degrees. They can be set set to apply water in one angle leaving the remaining areas dry. Proper selection of these type of sprinklers is key for longevity. They spray from radiuses as low as 4m to as high as 21m with sizes from ½’’ to 2’’

Stationary Pop Ups

These sprinklers spray water on fixed areas spraying water to radiuses up to 15m. They are basic sprinklers ideal for irrigating small lawns and gardens. Because of the small spraying radiuses, they are usually spaced close to each other to allow for overlap. They are available in ½’’, ¾’’ and 1’’


Whether it is rotating or stationary pop up sprinklers, Grekkon Limited technical team will guide you on proper pop up sprinkler selection.

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