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Coco Peat Planting Media Treatment

Admin - July 12, 2022 - 5 comments

How to Treat Coco Peat for effective Germination

As the saying goes, a good crop starts with a well prepared nursery. If your seedlings perform exemplary, you are definitely sure you will have a bumper harvest. In the recent past, farmers have been shifting to soilless media to propagate their seedlings and raise plants hydroponically. One of the media that is increasingly becoming popular is coco peat. Unfortunately, many farmers have little knowledge on how to handle this product, especially new users.

Coco peat planting media must be treated first before use to achieve 100% germination and healthy looking crops. Failure to treat the growing media will lead to poor germination due to the scorching effect and nutrient antagonism. Plants also exhibit some form of stunting in their growth.

We supply all cocopeat types, from very fine to course. Fine cocopeat is mainly used in the propagation of seedlings because it allows for easier root penetration. Rough cocopeat with more than 50% fibre is ideal for planting of mature crops.

Step by Step Procedure on How to Treat Coco peat

  1. Soaking in Water

    Soak coco peat in water for 15minutes to hydrate it. This also loosens it.coco peat prices in Kenya

  2. Add Calcium Nitrate

    Add calcium nitrate in the mixture solution at a rate of (1 spoon ful) for every 5kgs then stir the mixture and leave it for 24hours. A displacement reaction will take place.Coco peat prices in Kenya

  3. Wash coco peat 5-7 times with clean water

    Once 24 hours has elapsed drain the water and wash the coco peat 5-7 times to remove any traces of sodium salt. The pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of the media are then measured. Ideal pH should be 5.6-6.5 while the EC should be 1.6-2.0coco peat in Kenya

  4. Potting of the media on seed trays or planting bags then sowing.


  5. Commencement of nutrition regime

    Two weeks after germination, nutrition programme begins.Seedling Trays


  1. Orangi Justus

    Thanks a lot for the informative video.
    We have a farm based in Moiben (Kapkabai farm) intersted in the use of coco peat for seedling propagation. We need coco peat and more training on the use of coco peat.
    Thank you


    Many thanks for the info on your website. It is very informative.

    We (Barani Agri-Business) in Kilifi County are in the business of locally manufacturing Cocopeat medium for sale and exited to know more about its handling and treatment. We also grow exotic palms and other plants too. We now know how best to use the coco pea for germination and growth.

    We are interested in greenhouse and will get in touch when ready for that.

    With thanks

    • Admin

      Hi Mary, thank you for the comment and we would really be glad to construct a greenhouse for you and also look for other ways of working together. Please let us know once you are ready. And by the way we have an office in Mombasa which will be near you. Our Mombasa office number is 0114494500.
      Grekkon Limited

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