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Rain hose irrigation kit

Admin - August 26, 2022 - 0 comments

Rain hose irrigation kit consists of rain hose pipe and fittings which deliver water to vegetables, lawns, trees etc. Rain hose irrigation kit pipes have perforations that use laser punched holes to spray water on plants.

Grekkon Limited is a leading supplier of rain hose irrigation kits in Kenya. Apart from supplying, we are also have a team of technicians who will guide you in all rain hose installations.

Rain hose pipes are ideal for Cabbages, Sukuma wiki, spinach, onions, garlic, Fruit orchards, Avocado, pixie orange, macadamia, coffee, lawns and gardens and irrigating nurseries.

Advantages of rain hose pipes

  • They are easy to install and maintain, economical than sprinklers
  • The spray holes are made with laser punched technology to ensure uniform flow of water
  • Irrigates both under gravity flow, and high water pump pressure
  • Short irrigation periods. Irrigates an area in just 10 minutes
  • Highly portable. You only need to have a main line system with valves on every line.
  • A variety of diameters to select from

The main components of rain hose Irrigation Kit are, rain hose pipe of various sizes and lengths (32mm, 40mm or 50mm), rain hose starters and endcaps and middle connectors.

For a rain hose pipe to work, you need to have enough water, the best is water from a reservoir dam or a river. Water consumption per every 10 meters ranges between 1,000L to 1,500L per hour depending on the pipe size. The best pumps for rain hose kits are the high volume diesel or petrol pumps. Electric booster pumps also work extremely well. F

Rain hose Irrigation kit prices in Kenya

KIT SIZENumber of Rain PipesPRICE (KES)
1 acre rain hose irrigation kits8 pcsKES 70,000
1/2 acre rain hose irrigation kits5 pcsKES 40,000
1/4 acre rain hose irrigation kits3 pcsKES 25,000
1/8 acre rain hose irrigation kits2 pcsKES 15,000

The above kit covers HDPE Pipes, rain pipes, fittings and accessories, and installation cost. The above cost does not cover material transport and pump

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