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Onion Drip Irrigation Kits

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Best Onion Irrigation System in Kenya

Onion Drip Irrigation Kits
Onion under drip irrigation in Moiben, Uasin Gishu, Kenya

Onion drip irrigation kits in Kenya have been designed to help farmers achieve maximum yields when it comes to bulb size and crop uniformity. Onion drip irrigation kit in Kenya from Grekkon Limited have proven that if a crop is well taken care of, maximum benefits will be realized. The irrigation systems from Grekkon are custom made to fit into your budget. The drip lines and other components used are of good quality to ensure they last long.

Why irrigation for onions is critical

  • Onions generally have a shallow root system and thus to achieve maximum desired yield, irrigation has to be as frequent as possible. Drip irrigation is therefore the best irrigation method for onions.
  • Irrigation for onions will always lead to higher yields, larger and better quality bulbs and reduced incidences of fungal diseases, downy mildew.
  • Drip Irrigation for onions will always lead to better uptake of phosphorous which is best applied in soluble form.
  • Well irrigated onions have been shown to have more than 31% increase in yield than onions not well irrigated.
Video of an onion farm under drip irrigation system in Kisaju, Kenya

Components of Grekkon Onion Drip Irrigation Kits

  • 16mm Double Emitter drip lines with spacing of 15cm or 20cm with flow rates of between 1.1L/hr per hour to 2.0L/hr depending on the pressure. The drip lines have a wall thickness of 0.3mm or 0.4mm. They are UV treated to last for more than 5 years.
  • Main pipe and sub main pipes. We use HDPE Pipes or PVC pipes for our irrigation piping systems. These pipes are strong and durable.
  • Filtration system. This consists of either a screen or disc filter that trap dirt and other debris in water before entering the drip lines. The filter prevents blocking of the drip line emitters and thus increase their longevity.
  • Fittings and accessories. This includes hdpe or pvc fittings, 16mm starter connectors, rubbers, offtakes, drip to drip connectors and endcaps.
  • Control valves. This consists for ball corks that create partitions in the farm.  Onion drip irrigations system have to be sub divided into smaller portions to ensure equal distribution of water pressure.

Onion drip irrigation system can be gravity or pump driven. For gravity, a tank is elevated to a recommended height which then flows to the pipes. Pump driven drip system drives water from a reservoir or river using electric booster pumps, solar pumps, diesel water pumps or high pressure water pumps.

Onion Drip Irrigation Kits
Freshly transplanted onions under drip irrigation

Onion Drip Irrigation Kits System Maintenance

Flow meter

Install a flow meter to determine how much water was used per section. Water flow records can be used to detect deviations from the standard flow, which may be caused by leaks in the system or by clogged lines.

Check for possible leaks.

This can be caused by machines, animals, weeding etc. Always monitor the lines for possible leakages. The earlier you detect the leakages, the better. This will save your money and will ensure your yield is not affected.

Clogged emitters.

If your emitters are clogged, you can use acidifying fertilizers, nitric or phosphoric acid or chlorinated solutions. Flush the system regularly by opening the end caps.

Onion Irrigation frequency

Low volume application and high frequency is the most ideal irrigation strategy for maximum plant growth. Depending on the location, soil and weather, the best irrigation frequency for onions is 1-3 days.

Onion fertigation

Fertigation is the application of water soluble fertilizers through drip irrigation system. To achieve this, a venturi fertilizer system is installed on the main line which pumps high concentrated fertilizers to the main line which later transfers to the drip lines.

Onion Drip Irrigation Kits
Mature onions under a drip system almost ready for harvesting

Onion Drip Irrigation Kit Prices in Kenya

Farm SizeInstallation Cost (3 Drip lines Per Bed)Installation Cost (2 Drip lines Per Bed)
1/8 acreKes. 38,000Kes. 22,000
1/4 acreKes. 55,000Kes. 42,000
1/2 acreKes. 85,000Kes. 65,000
1 acreKes. 174,000Kes. 140,000

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