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Dam liner Installation in Uganda

Admin - September 29, 2021 - 4 comments

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Grekkon Installs Dam liner in Kampala

Grekkon Limited recently installed a dam liner in Western Uganda in Fort Portal City.  The dam liner was installed in a reservoir with a capacity of 950,000L. The dam liner was to be`used for water storage and fish farming.

Damliners in Uganda by Grekkon Limited

Based in Kenya, Grekkon Limited is the largest supplier of quality dam liners and fish pond liners in East Africa. We supply the best damliners in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, DRC and Ethiopia. Our dam liners are most the reputable because they last for many decades.

We supply UV treated, HDPE, water proof liners manufactured from virgin materials. It is these properties that ensures their longevity, providing a life span of between 15 to 30 years.

Damliner types at Grekkon Limited

Our liners come in the following gauges and thickness.

0.3mm (300 microns)
  • For use in light projects up to 200m sq area
  • On a smooth surface without murram or stones.
  • Can be welded to fit the size of your pond
0.5mm (500 microns)
  • Is used for medium sized projects; from 200M sq to 1,000M sq area
  • Works on a lightly rough surface, like one with some murram
damliner installation in Uganda
damliner installation in Uganda
0.8mm (800 microns) Liners
  • Great for medium to large projects; from 200M sq to any size
  • Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rocky
1mm (1,000 microns) Liners
  • Recommended for large projects; from 1,000M sq to any size
  • Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rocky

Grekkon Limited dam liner joining and welding services in Uganda

We offer affordable installation services and custom made welding services in the factory or on site to suite your pond size using the hot wedge welder or hot edge welding machines. Our welding fits the liner comfortably in your pond. Every welded joint, whether factory or manual is tight and leak free for the entire lifespan of the liner.


  1. Wanyamah Freddie Benson

    I will be in touch with you for further advise and assistance

  2. Jimmy

    Hullo, Have a dam that is leaking with measurements 25Meters in length 13 meters in width and 3.2 meters depth
    I am located in western Uganda, I see you also operate in Uganda. what would be your quotation if you could provide dam liners for above measurements

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