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Irrigation Equipment Supplier in Kenya

Admin - September 25, 2022 - 2 comments

Grekkon Limited is regarded as one of the best irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya. As an irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya, we offer products and services tailor made for multi sector use in farming, domestic and real estate. Some of our major irrigation products and services include:

Dam liners for water harvesting

We supply and install dam liners for water harvesting and fish pond lining. Our dam liners are available in various gauges and thicknesses to suite your soil type. With a lifespan of 15 years to 30 years, guaranteeing permanent water solutions for farmers. Farmers who store water using our dam liners are able to farm the whole year round thus ensuring they have steady income supply.

Rain gun sprinklers for overhead irrigation

Our rain gun sprinklers spray water over large areas, thereby saving irrigation time and labour. Our rain gun sprinklers are available as 1’’, 1.5’’ ,2’’ and 2.5’’ with spraying radiuses of between 15m to 40m depending on the size. Grekkon Limited rain gun sprinklers are ideal for irrigating maize, vegetables, potatoes etc. They also used widely for irrigating lawns and garden such as football stadiums.

Rainhose Irrigation systems

Rain hose pipes with laser punched holes is a new innovative pipe by Grekkon Limited used in overhead irrigation. Grekkon Rainhose is ideal for irrigating nurseries, carrots, potatoes, brassicas, grass etc.

Drip irrigation kits.

We supply and install drip irrigation kits that are tailor made to increase farmers yield and reduce water usage. Grekkon supplies drip kits for all crops including tomatoes, onions, avocados etc. Irrigation Hub drip kits are available in different sizes including kitchen garden, 1/8 acre kits. ¼ kits, ½ acre kits and 1 acre kits. The drip kits can be customized to suite customers land size.

Irrigation water pumps

Grekkon Limited is a major supply of water pumps in Kenya and the entire East Africa. Our various pumps on offer include: High pressure water pumps, diesel water pumps, submersible water pumps, solar water pumps, electric booster pumps. We are one of the few companies in Kenya offering installation services for the pumps bought.

Irrigation Pipes

We supply all types of irrigation pipes for various applications. Our major offering includes HDPE pipes and fittings, PVC pipes, drip lines for drip irrigation and flexible lay flat pipes. Apart from irrigation, our pipes are also used for long distance water transfer and in plumbing.

Pop up sprinklers for lawns and gardens

Pop up sprinklers by Grekkon Irrigation Hub Kenya is widely used for irrigating lawns and gardens. They irrigate fields by popping up when pressure is applied. Our pop up sprinklers come in sizes of ½’’, ¾’’ and 1’’ and can be manually controlled or automated. Our pop up sprinkler brands include Rain bird, K-rain and Hunter.


  1. Peter mugambi

    What is the costs of fully installed solar powered water pumping system that can supply water on a gentle sloping land a distance of approximately 300m

    • Admin

      Hello Peter Mugambi, our solar pump prices start from Kes. 50,000 which covers the solar pump and a solar panel. What is your anticipated water usage per day for us to share the exact prices.

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