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PVC Dam liners

Admin - May 26, 2023 - 0 comments

PVC dam liners refer to dam liners manufactured from polyvinyl chloride. PVC dam liners have been in production for many years and is considered to be one of the best dam lining materials used for water harvesting. Farmers use it for harvesting irrigation water and for aquaculture.

Advantages of PVC dam liner.

  • Highly flexible compared to HDPE and LLDPE dam liners and thus fits well in corners.
  • Has excellent chemical resistance.
  • Dam liner welding can easily be conducted.
  • PVC liners in Kenya are safe for storing drinking water.
  • Highly affordable compared to other dam liner types.
  • Can easily be custom weld at the factory level.
  • Has good lifespan of 10 years plus.
  • It works well as gutters in greenhouse farming.
PVC Dam liners
Dam liner installed in Vihiga, Kenya

Disadvantages of PVC liners.

  • Although it is UV treated, PVC dam liners are very weak against ozone, uv rays and weathering.
  • It can easily be degraded due to its weak uv properties.
  • Very susceptible to extreme temperatures i.e too low or high temperatures.
  • It is not safe for fish farming.

Whether it is PVC or any other dam lining material, Grekkon Limited technical team will always be available to offer technical support.

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